Planning at UVU ensures that all units are supporting the university's mission. UVU’s planning process consists of three components: assessment of the mission and core themes, institutional strategic planning to support the mission and core themes, and an annual unit strategic planning and PBA process.

Institutional Strategic Planning

There are five key institutional strategic plans: the Academic Master Plan, the Facilities Master Plan, the Strategic Inclusion Plan, the Completion Plan, and the Strategic Plan for Managing Growth. These plans articulate UVU’s comprehensive, integrated strategy for mission fulfillment and promote achievement of the university’s mission, core themes, and administrative imperatives.

Unit Strategic Planning

All units develop a strategic plan to guide operations and facilitate the PBA process; strategic plans are the primary means of supporting budget requests. Unit strategic plans are composed of four major elements: Mission, Objectives, Assessment, and Quality Improvement Initiatives.


The university allocates resources through the annual Planning, Budget, and Assessment process, which is based on unit strategic plans and annual university assessments of institutional effectiveness.


Through the University Planning Advisory Committee, faculty and staff advise the President and the President's Council on planning at all levels .