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What is UVUSA?

UVUSA stands for Utah Valley University Student Association. We're students fighting for students!

Through UVUSA you can make a difference on campus. Students are able to participate as a student council member, department representative, student activities committee member, or get involved with clubs. Through these leadership roles students are able to develop essential life skills such as time management, delegation, and accountability.

Students are also able to gain a greater understanding of volunteerism, civic engagement, and citizenship. Student Council members participate in various campus committees representing the student voice. Student Council coordinates student initiatives, participate in student processes, and also facilitates student fee hearings.

UVUSA Constitution 

Student Fee Information

Meet your Student Council: 

Executive Council     >>

The Executive Council consists of the Student Body President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Student Activities, and the Vice President of UVU Clubs and Organizations. The President and VP's facilitate Student Council initiatives, participate in campus committees, and oversee student programming and projects.

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Student Body President

Dylan Swarts

DSwarts@uvu.edu | 801.863.8175

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Executive Vice President

Phil Varney

Phillip.Varney@uvu.edu | 801.863.8793

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Vice President of Academic Senate

Matt Robins

Matthew.Robins@uvu.edu | 801.863.8732

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Vice President of Student Activities

Jakell Larson

Jakell.Larson@uvu.edu | 801.863.8378

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Vice President of Clubs & Orgs.

Kylie McGill

Kylie.McGill@uvu.edu  | 801.863.6754


Presidential Branch     >>

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Assistant to the Student Body President

Madison Mansfield

Madison.Mansfield@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652


Independent Branch     >>

UVUSA strives to unify students through collaboration with other campus student organizations. Together we are able to make an even greater impact by organizing and implementing initiatives focused on civic engagement and global awareness.

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Asst. to Executive Vice President

Yulia Yevdokimova

10636805@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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Service Council Liaison

Abbi Mills

AMills@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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UV Mentor Liaison

Trevor Harding

Trevor.Harding@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

Blake Oakey

Public Relations Chair

Blake Oakey

Blake.Oakey@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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Chief Justice

Kameron Gonzalez

KGonzalez@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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Multicultural Student Council Liaison

Cristobal Villegas, Jr. 

CVillegas@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

Activities Branch     >>

Student Activities plans, organizes, and puts on student campus events. Activities range from dances and movie nights to family events, art festivals, and open mic nights. Student Activities strives to bring student interests to campus through large scale public events.

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Asst. to Vice President of Student Activities

Tanner McQuivey

Tanner.McQuivey@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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Traditions Chair

Jensen Astle

JAstle@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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Fine Arts Chair

Andre Jones

Andre.Jones@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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Activities Chair

Jessica Fowler

Jessica.Fowler@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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Special Events Chair

Lauren Ashton

Lauren.Ashton@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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Spirit Chair

Brady Aste

baste@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652


Senate Branch     >>

Did you know that you have a Student Senate here to help you? The UVUSA Student Senate works directly with the Deans of each school/college to represent the student body on department steering committees. Each senator also serves as a representative for students within their school/college during student council processes, including student fee hearings.

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Asst. to Vice President of Academic Senate

Carlee Beyer

Carlee.Beyer@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

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Woodbury School of Business Senator

Birch Eve 

Birch.Eve@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

College of Technology & Computing Senator

Tanner McAllister

Tanner.McAllister@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

College of Humanities & Social Sciences Senator

Deba Masterson

Deborah.Jenkins@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

College of Science & Health Senator

Justin Higgins

JustinH@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

School of Education Senator

Justin Harper-Smith

Justin.Harper-Smith@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

University College Senator

Chris Stewart

Chris.Stewart@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

School of the Arts Senator

Lya Santa Maria

Lya.SantaMaria@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

Senator for College of Aviation and Public Services

Kari Dennis

Kari.Dennis@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652


Clubs Branch     >>

UV Clubs connects students to UVU in a unique way that reflects each student’s individual interests. UV Clubs works with 100+ clubs facilitating club success on campus. By getting involved in a club students have the opportunity to increase leadership, citizenship, and service skills that enhance UVU and the community.

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Asst. to Vice President of Clubs & Orgs.

Karina Marchant

Karina.Marchant@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

Club Ambassador

Ziggy Nunez

ziggyn@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

Club Ambassador

Korey Sutton

Korey.Sutton@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

Club Ambassador

Sara Spencer

SSpencer@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652

No Photo

Club Ambassador

McKenna Einfeldt

McKennaE@uvu.edu | 801.863.8652