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UVUSA is open to anyone and everyone! We are always looking for more people to get involved and play an active role on campus. You can get involved in anything from student activities to academics!

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Run for Student Body President/Vice President

Student Body Officer Elections are held during the spring semester of each year. If you are interested in running for Student Body President or a Vice President position refer to the attached elections packet. Please know that these campaign rules and expectations are subject to change with each year depending on change to campus policies. The most current elections packet will be posted each year at the beginning of spring semester. Student Body Officers are compensated with a full tuition waiver and monthly stipend upon eligibility.

Become a member of Student Council

Student Council Applications are available during the spring semester of each year following the student body election. The Student Body President and Vice President's will post the applications, hold interviews, and then appoint their student council members. Check back in March 2015 for an electronic version of the application or in the Student Life and Wellness Center-SL122 for a hard copy. Student Council members are compensated with a full tuition waiver if eligible.