UWHEN - UVU Chapter Bylaws


The name of the organization shall be the Utah Valley University Utah Women in Higher Education Network (UVU UWHEN) Chapter. The organization is affiliated with the state UWHEN which is associated with the American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network.  



The UVU UWHEN is an employee organization committed to advancing women’s equity and leadership in higher education. Aligned with the state-wide network, we engage women and allies in our campus community by:

·  Encouraging and developing women’s leadership abilities

·  Identifying and expanding leadership opportunities for women

·  Supporting personal and professional growth through peer and mentor partnerships

·  Nurturing a culture of collective empowerment that is aspirational, educational, professional, 

            inclusive, diverse, and politically aware

UVU UWHEN supports UVU’s commitment to the Women’s Leadership Institute’s ElevateHER Challenge.



SECTION 1: Membership. Organizational membership is open to all employees, including student employees, at Utah Valley University. Employees can become a member of UVU UWHEN by submitting an application form found on the website.

SECTION 2: Responsibilities. Each member is encouraged to attend regular meetings and events of the organization. 

SECTION 3: Voting. Each member shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted for a vote to the membership. 



SECTION 1: Leadership of the UVU UWHEN shall be as follows: 

A. Past-President 

B. President 

C. President-Elect 

D. Chief of Staff

E. Treasurer

F.  Professional Development Coordinator

G. Marketing Coordinator

H. Event Coordinator for Programming

I.   Event Coordinator for Logistics

J.  Ambassadors

K. Campus Advisors


The Executive Officers consist of the Past-President, President, President-Elect, Chief of Staff, and Treasurer. 


SECTION 2: Terms of Service


  1. President Elect/President/Past President

The person serving as President Elect/President/Past President will commit to  three years of service, moving between roles consecutively each year.


  1. Executive Roles

No executive shall serve for more than two consecutive years in the same role. Time served in filling a vacancy for an unexpired term shall not be counted as part of the period of limitation on the term of office. A member may be considered for re-election to an executive role after an absence of one year. Board members can assist as chairs of committees that are formed for particular functions as needed. 



A. President 

  • Call and facilitate board meetings, set meeting agenda
  • Represent the UVU UWHEN on various campus initiatives 
  • Participate in the recruitment of general members 
  • Create ad hoc committees as necessary 
  • Serve as official spokesperson for the UVU UWHEN 
  • Approve external communications


B. Past-President 

  • Serve as State UWHEN Board Representative 
  • Apply for UWHEN grants 
  • Serve as advisor to the board


C. President-Elect 

  • Prepare to assume the office of President 
  • Assist the President in the execution of duties, including acting for the President in her absence 
  • Ensure all committees are chaired
  • Facilitate elections each Spring 
  • If vacant, fill the office of the President for the remainder of that term and then, subsequently, fulfill the full term as President (the term that would result from the original President-Elect position) thereafter 


D. Chief of Staff

  • Schedule and notify of board meetings
  • Maintain and post minutes of the UVU UWHEN board meetings 
  • Maintain an accurate list of the general membership with electronic addresses, members’ terms of office, etc. 
  • Distribute information to appropriate groups and individuals 
  • Assist President with other duties as assigned


E. Treasurer 

  • Responsible for managing all UVU UWHEN finances 
  • Secure sources of funding


F.  Professional Development Coordinator

  • Plans and coordinates book readings and discussions each semester
  • Oversees efforts to promote awareness of professional development and job opportunities to members
  • Coordinates mentoring efforts for members


G.  Marketing Coordinator

  • Manage email distribution; renew and retain existing subscribers; engage new subscribers
  • Work with the creative development team
  • Promote UWHEN events and prepare marketing materials including posters, emails, information, newsletters, and digital formats including social media platforms
  • Maintain UVU UWHEN website
  • Manage projects
    • Timelines for each campaign
    • Set goals and reach them
    • Generate leads for campaigns
    • Develop and implement initiatives
    • Evaluate and report on initiatives


H. Events Coordinator - Programs

  • Plan and implement the content for an ongoing series of events relevant to the diverse professional needs of the women on campus
  • Provide opportunities for growth, engagement, professional development, mentorship and leadership
  • Responsible for contact and coordination with speakers


I.  Events Coordinator - Logistics and Planning

  • Coordinate with the Event Coordinator - Programs to plan and create meaningful events including workshops, speakers, social/networking events, and retreats
  • Logistically coordinate events including (but not limited to): venue selection/reservations, setup planning, A/V coordination, food arrangements, program schedule, décor, and other needed coordination to execute event
  • Collaborates with the Event Coordinator  - Programs on speaker/content planning as well as with the Marketing Coordinator on publicizing the event


J. Ambassador

  • Function as liaison to assigned audience segments, including conducting needs analyses, communicating UVU UWHEN opportunities, representing constituents in board meetings, etc.
  • Ambassador roles include liaise to full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, staff, satellite campuses, and other target populations


K. Campus Advisor

  • Includes senior leadership from Women’s Success Center, Women’s Council, or other entity
  • Lends experience and insight to board decision-making and planning



Upon creation of select committees, duties of committee positions will be determined. Committee chairs shall serve one (1) year with an option to renew for one additional year. Terms coincide with the University’s fiscal year (begin July 1 and end June 30). Terms may be extended based on the availability of a suitable replacement. General members can serve as committee members.




A.   Election Process: UVU UWHEN will conduct elections during late March each year. The President-­Elect will be responsible for supervising elections, soliciting nominations for board member vacancies, verifying nominees’ willingness to serve, securing supervisor approval for nominees, bringing nominations to the board for approval, developing the ballot, and sharing election results with the board. The board will work to ensure equal representation between faculty and staff on the board.


B.    Voting Process: Each year, elections will be held online for a period of 7 days, and all UVU faculty and staff will be eligible to vote.


C.  Election Results: Elections are determined by a simple majority of votes cast. In the case of a tie, the board will cast a deciding vote.


D.  Results Announcements: Election results are announced via campus electronic communication.


E.  New Board Members: New members are introduced at the next UVU UWHEN chapter meeting; however, they may begin serving on the board immediately to shadow current board members and to allow for a smooth transition.



A quorum is constituted when a simple majority of the Board of Directors, including the President or President­‐Elect, is present. Decisions of the Board of Directors will be made by consensus whenever possible. When consensus is impossible, a simple majority of those members present will prevail.



A.  The official sources of communication for the organization are email and the UVU UWHEN website. Announcements may be emailed to target groups, which are updated at least annually.

B. Press releases are generally issued as needed through UVU Marketing.



There shall be at least two regular meetings of the general membership each year. The President and President-Elect are responsible for planning and coordinating the regular meetings or delegating to the Event Coordinators. 



Members of UVU UWHEN shall have the right to make, alter, or repeal the Bylaws. Any fifteen (15) members may submit a statement to the President of the proposed change in the Bylaws and request proposed changes be included for approval by the members at the following regular meeting. Such proposed change(s) shall become part of the Bylaws upon a 2/3 affirmative vote of the membership at a regular meeting, provided a quorum is present.



The fiscal year of the Board shall begin July 1 and end June 30.



All financial and budgetary decisions will be approved by the Executive Officers without exception. Decisions regarding finances and budgets will be made in accordance to the mission statement and goals of UVU UWHEN.