Our ongoing, wonderful volunteers are listed below. We enjoy working with volunteers and use them in many ways. Please contact Dr. Madsen (madsensu@uvu.edu) if you are interested in being involved in some way. Include details of the types of tasks/efforts you would like to be involved with, your experience in these areas, and the number of yours per week or month you would interested in contributing. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Michelle Proctor, Graphic Designer
  • Bonnie Mortensen, Graphic Designer
  • Sherri Einfeldt, UWLP Blog Editor
  • Lisa Giguere, Event Volunteer
  • Amanda Reid, Event Volunteer
  • Amber Reid, Event Volunteer
  • Sarah Perkins, Professional Editor (Research & Policy Brief Editor Volunteer)
  • Kortney Osborne, Event Marketing Volunteer
  • Peggy Green, Boards & Commissions Project Volunteer
  • Nicole Grothe, Boards & Commissions Project Volunteer
  • Binmattie Sewnarain, Boards & Commissions Project Volunteer
  • Elisabeth Vargis, Boards & Commissions Project Volunteer
  • Paula Rogel, Boards & Commissions Project Voluntee
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