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The Utah Women and Education Initiative (UWEI) has put together many resources through the years. We will share some links here and have include a number of categories that include activities and programs, at-a-glance information sheets, curriculum and lessons plans, financial resources, infographics, multimedia, slides and presentations, support materials, and mentoring program information.


Activities and Programs

At-A-Glance Info Sheets

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Financial Resources


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Supportive Resources

Mentoring Resources

Having a strong mentoring relationship can make a powerful difference in the success of a young woman in high school or college. Because of this, the Utah Women’s College Task Force recommended that women-focused mentoring program resources be developed to help provide support for influencers (e.g., parents, nonprofit organizations, schools, colleges) to implement  programs around the state. The role of the Utah Women and Education Initiative is to provide resources that will assist campuses, schools, nonprofits, and community groups establish and maintain quality mentoring programs for girls and women. Both formal and informal mentoring opportunities will be highlighted.

Training for Mentors

Training for Mentees

Creating Effective Mentoring Programs

Other Recommended Programs

National Programs with Utah Mentoring Matching

  • This national mentoring program is based on a technology platform to help college students conveniently find and collaborate with mentors from diverse industries and professions. Professionals and retirees serve as mentors to college students and help mentees enhance their leadership, communication, and coaching skills. Mentoring can be online, phone, or in person.
  • National Mentoring Partnership—Volunteer Referral Service:This free service allows prospective volunteers to search for mentoring opportunities within a radius of their postal Zip code. Registered mentoring programs will receive information about prospective volunteers who have expressed interest in your program.