Global Women & Leadership Resources


Prof/Dr. Susan R. Madsen is current in the process of creating an independent website to house the new Global Women's Leadership Alliance (GWLA). The mission of the GWLA is to strengthen the impact of girls and women worldwide through creating a “hub” designed to unite individuals, communities, organizations, and agencies with similar visions. The Alliance will provide an open access network (no membership required) that mutually benefits all entities and the individuals and communities they serve.

The GWLA will focus on four primary goals:

  1. Raising awareness of women and leadership research, resources, and efforts of its partners, collaborators, and others;
  2. Connecting individuals, groups, and organizations doing related work;
  3. Facilitating new collaborations for advocacy, research, and other initiatives; and
  4. Providing opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing.

What you will find:

Global information on women and leadership has been gathered to provide women (worldwide) with information on networks and organizations by country, published reports from across the globe, articles and other media, and global resources and information.  We have also included information on women & leadership theory.