FAQs for Veterans/Students

How do I contact the VA regarding education benefits?

The VA's GI Bill web site contains contact information as well as links to submit a question or do a live chat. To contact a representative via the phone: call 1-888-442-4551 (1-888-GI BILL 1) then when prompted, enter 1 then 0.

Which GI Bill benefits should I choose?

There are many factors to consider when determining which GI Bill you are eligible to use and which option would be the most beneficial. Pamphlets are available in the UVU Veteran Success Center and additional resources are available through the VA's GI Bill web site.

What must I do to use GI Bill benefits at UVU?

Please view the following links for more information:

Will my classes be purged if I'm waiting to receive the GI Bill?

This depends on which GI Bill Benefit/Chapter you are using. Please contact the UVU Veteran Success Center.

What financial aid is available for veterans?

Please view the Getting Veterans (GI Bill) Benefits at UVU web page under Additional Important Information.

What benefits are available at UVU for purple heart recipients?

Please view the Getting Veterans (GI Bill) Benefits at UVU web page under Additional Important Information.

What must I do if I'm deployed?
What must I do if I withdraw from classes?

Please note that adding/dropping classes may require re-payment of GI Bill Benefits or Financial Aid if already disbursed.

* If prior to UVU's Add/Drop Date:

* If after UVU's Add/Drop Date:

* Additional UVU Add/Drop Information

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What must I do if my UVU GPA falls below 2.0?

* UVU Semester GPA below 2.0:

* UVU Cumulative GPA below 2.0 for 2 consecutive semesters:

  • Take classes through UVU to improve your GPA
  • Meet with your Advisor and/or Academic Standards Office
  • NOTE: GI Bill Benefits will not be awarded until both UVU semester and cumulative GPAs are above 2.0.

What types of military transcripts does UVU accept?
How does UVU accept military credits?
How do I see how UVU has accepted my military credit?

* Types of Military Transcripts:

  • Department of Defense's Joint Service Transcript (JST - Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy)
  • Community College of the Air Force
  • Defense Language Institute
  • DSST

* Please visit UVU's Incoming Transfer Credit and Transfer FAQs web pages regarding acceptance policies and detailed information.

* Transcripts must be submitted and evaluated prior to completing 2 UVU Semesters...EVEN if you do not intend to use those classes at UVU. Your benefits may be discontinued until this information is received and evaluated by UVU.