Payment of Veterans (GI Bill) Benefits at UVU

If any changes are made to your UVU class schedule, you MUST notify the UVU Veteran Success Center immediately as this may change your VA benefits/payments which may result in an overpayment (owing money back to the VA).

Regular Monthly Payments

After the UVU Veteran Success Center receives ALL required forms, they will submit your UVU classes to be certified with the VA.

VA benefits/payments are released to the student monthly based on class attendance (after certification is processed by the VA).

  • CHAPTERS 30, 1606 & 1607: released after verification of enrollment
  • CHAPTERS 33 & 35: released at the end of each month
  • CHAPTER 31: contact your case manager

VA benefit/payment rates (amount of money) are based on Chapter and Training Time.

  • Training Time:
    • Based on UVU credits applied toward degree and Semester/Class begin/end dates
    • Status (figures based on a 15 week Semester):
      • Full-time: 12 credit hours minimum
      • 3/4 time: 9-11 credit hours
      • 1/2 time: 6-8 credit hours
      • less than 1/2 time, more than 1/4 time: 4-5 credit hours
      • 1/4 time: 1-3 credit hours
      • CHAPTER 30: below 1/2 time only paid amount of Tuition & Fees
      • CHAPTER 31: below 1/2 time not authorized/paid
      • CHAPTER 33: above 1/2 time for block or full 15 week Semester
    • After processing your VA certification, the VA will send an e-mail indicating Certified UVU Credits & Status
  • View the official GI Bill Education Benefit Payment Rates web page

VA benefits/payments (including CHAPTER 33 BAH & book stipends) are either directly deposited into your designated account or mailed to your current address on file with the VA Regional Office (not UVU). CHAPTER 33 Tuition/Fees are sent directly to UVU by the VA.

Advance Pay (Chapters 30, 35 & 1606)

Advance payment provides funds at the beginning of a school term to help the student meet expenses concentrated at the beginning of the term. An advanced payment is the 1st two months of your GI Bill benefits. The first month may be a partial month, with payment pro-rated for the number of days attended that month. Since the VA normally pays after a month is completed, the students wouldn't receive another check until the beginning of the 4th month.

Students are eligible for advance payment when:

  • Admitted to UVU and living in the local area, and
  • Student is registered & is eligible to be certified for at least half-time, and
  • UVU Veteran Success Center receives the UVU Class Schedule form, and
  • UVU Veteran Success Center receives the Request for Advance Payment form (at least 30 days before beginning of semester), and
  • Must not have received GI Bill benefits during the previous semester.

Once the Advance Pay check has been received by UVU, the UVU Veteran Success Center will notify the student to:

  • Sign a release form in the UVU Veteran Success Center,
  • Take the release form to the UVU Cashiers Office to receive their check (picture id required).

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Tutorial Assistance

UVU offers a variety of FREE assistance to students to ensure academic success:

If additional assistance is desired, the VA offers a Tutorial Assistance option in which arrangements are made with a paid tutor.

  • VA Tutorial Assistance is not available in cases where the student merely wishes to raise his/her grade level.
  • VA Tutorial Assistance is available for classes certified with the VA in which the student needs aid to receive a passing grade.
  • Student must submit the Request for VA Tutorial Assistance form to the UVU Veteran Success Center.
  • Student must pay for the tutoring assistance at the time of service then is reimbursed by the VA.
  • Contact the UVU Veteran Success Center if you are considering this option.

Overpayment (Owing Money Back to the VA)

Overpayment can occur when the student:

  • Reduces the number of credit hours after certification is sent to the VA
  • Drops out of school after certification is sent to the VA
  • Takes classes that are not authorized for payment
  • Accepts advance pay and does not attend school
  • Receives 'W' or 'UW' grades

If you are notified of an overpayment, contact the VA Debt Management Center.