The Utah Valley University Faculty Service-Learning Committee is a standing service committee that provides support for faculty and administration in the area of academic service-learning. The committee acts as a resource to and represent the faculty, supports the UVU mission and Center efforts, assists faculty in improving their teaching effectiveness, and helps the service-learning pedagogy move forward on this campus.

image of men and women doing yard work for Community Action day

Woodbury School of Business

Larry Carter
WB 246
Mail Stop: 288; Ext. 5248

Letty Workman
WB 231
Mail Stop: 288; Ext. 7218 

School of Education

Suzy Cox
Elementary Education
EB 112K
Mail Stop: 126; Ext. 8588

Tracy Sermon
Elementary Education
EB 112
Mail Stop: 126; Ext. 8785

University College

Stacy Waddoups
College Success Studies
LC 103
Mail Stop: 275; Ext. 8273

Colleen Bye
Developmental Math
LA 111E
Ext. 4807

School of the Arts

Mark Talbert
Art & Visual Communications
GT 338
Mail Stop: 168; Ext. 6270

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Nate Cottle
Family Studies
Ext. 5105

Sara Ulloa
LA 003R
Mail Stop: 167; Ext. 6257

College of Science & Health

Steve Emerman
Earth Sciences
EN 101
Mail Stop: 179; Ext. 6864

Betsy Lindley
Exercise Science & Outdoor Rec.
PE 147
Mailstop 171; Ext. 6094

College of Technology & Computing

Russell Thornley
Technology Management
Mail Stop: 209; Ext. 6817

Paul Cheney
Digital Media
CS 526
Ext. 8238

College of Aviation and Public Services

Eric Russell
Academic Fire Science
FS 119
Ext. 7733

Marcy Hehnly
Criminal Justice
EN 101-C
Ext. 8139

Directors, Service-Learning

Academic Service-Learning
Jonathan Westover
Organizational Leadership
SC 105T
Mailstop 119; Ext. 8215

Volunteer & Service-Learning Center
Summer Valente
SC 105q
Mailstop 197; Ext. 6948