Campus Services

Students attending the UVU Wasatch Campus have access to all resources available at the UVU Campus in Orem as well as the many resources available at the Wasatch Campus.

  • For students ready to get started on their education at the Wasatch Campus check out the 6 steps that will help you begin the educational journey.

  • Financial aid in the form of grants and loans are available to Wasatch Campus students. Additionally there are several scholarships reserved only for students who are attending the Wasatch Campus. Just make sure you complete the FAFSA application and apply by the first priority deadline of Feb 1.
  • Student Life is alive and well at the Wasatch Campus. Activities are taking place and new clubs are being formed. Many opportunities to get involved await you.

The UVU Wasatch Campus is a place where everyone can succeed. We invite you to begin your educational journey on the Wasatch Campus or to take it up again where you left off. Education in the Wasatch Mountains means success for you!

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