SSL Certificate Request

UVU staff can request a FREE SSL certificate from Operations. NOTE: This form is for official Utah Valley University use only. It is for technicians on campus to request an SSL certificate for UVU servers.

Requesting a Certificate

SSL certificates are now being issued by UVU Operations. You may use the link below to request an SSL Certificate.

Request a Certificate Now

If you have any questions regarding this process; please contact Operations:


Phone: 801-863-5247

Different Types of Certs

Here is a short description of the different certs we can generate:

  • Standard - Standard SSL Cert
  • EV Cert - Extended Validation Cert - puts a green bar in the URL bar, signifying better security
  • UC Cert - Unified Communications Cert - used on email servers and such
  • Wild Card Cert - Use only if needing one cert to work on multiple subdomains

Generating a CSR

Please ensure you generate the proper type of CSR based on the cert type you are requesting and include the following:

  1. The Country code should be US
  2. The State is Utah spelled out
  3. The Organization Name is Utah Valley University
  4. The Organizational Unit is whichever division or department will be maintaining the server
  5. The CSR MUST BE 2048 Bit
  6. The URL name needs to match the Common Name on the CSR
  7. If Wild Card, please contact Nathan Gerber before generating the CSR