Wellness Programs offers a variety of health and wellness presentations upon request. Presentations generally last 50 minutes. Please call 801-863-6481 for more information or complete the presentation request form.

Presentation requests must be requested at least two weeks in advance andwe require an instructor/professor to be present for each scheduled presentation

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Two students participating in a wellness programs presentation.

Presentation Subjects

Stress Busters

This presentation is very interactive and will provide the participants with a variety of effective methods to help them deal with their stress.

Alcohol & Tobacco 101

This presentation will cover issues on persuasive advertising of the tobacco and alcohol industries, harmful effects of abuse, and general information regarding these substances.

The Dangers of Disordered Eating

This presentation focuses on identifying disordered eating, and the psychological, social, and interpersonal triggers of negative body image and eating disorders.

Intuitive Eating

This presentation will teach participant how to reject the diet mentality and ease up on the control with food. It will help participants learn how to eat more mindfully, differentiate between physical hunger and emotional hunger, and learn how to regulate your hunger rhythms.

Dimensions of Wellness-Getting on a path to a Healthier You

This presentation focuses on the 8 dimensions of well-being and offers participants a basic overview of ways to improve their overall health.  Dimensions include emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial well-being.

Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Health

This presentation covers the negative effects of dieting, teaches healthy eating patterns, and provides education on how to implement the recommended dietary guidelines.

Sexual Health

This presentation covers simple anatomy, sexual health, sexual orientation, and STI's.


This presentation covers sleep recommendations for adults, the effects of sleep deprivation, the benefits of sleeping, napping, sleep disorders and tips for better sleep.

Mental Health

For classroom presentation on mental health please go to:

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