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What is Wolverine Track?

A web-based tool which provides a clear and convenient method for UVU students, faculty & staff to track degree progress, prepare for registration, and plan for graduation. It is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions.

Who can use it?

  • New students who have been formally admitted to UVU. If you have never attended UVU, you must fill out an admissions application. You will be able to view your Wolverine Track a few days after your admissions application has been processed.

  • Continuing students who have attended UVU within the last 7 semesters. If you previously attended UVU but haven't within the last 7 semesters, you will need to fill out a re-admissions application. You will be able to view your Wolverine Track a few days after your application has been processed.

  • UVU faculty & staff who advise students.

How do I access it?

Read or print all instructions prior to linking to myUVU.

    1. Login to myUVU;
    2. Click on Go To Wolverine Track (located on the top right below Canvas);
    3. When finished, Close Wolverine Track and Logout.

* The default web browser for Android mobile devices currently does not allow optimal functionality with Wolverine Track.

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Audits Tab


  • My Grad Track Audit - view how your UVU & Transfer courses apply toward graduation requirements for your current declared program (degree / major / concentration / minor), as well as the following info:


  • Advisor Information: Name, Email link, etc.
  • Holds
  • Transfer Credit Hours accepted by UVU
  • Previous Degrees earned
  • UVU Cumulative GPA
  • Graduation Information Links - Application for Graduation, Deadlines, FAQs, Already Applied (have I graduated?) & Graduation Ceremony information



  • Registration Checklist Audit - view a list of remaining requirements to assist in choosing your future registration (Audit tab - Format drop-down menu)



  • What If link - view requirements for any degree/major/concentration/minor other than your declared program



  • Look Ahead - link to view an audit with courses you are considering to register for in the future. (Does not include courses that you have planned within the Planner tab of Wolverine Track.)


Planner Tab


  • Student Educational Planner - allows you (and advisors) to create a semester by semester plan of courses you need to complete for your declared program or a different (what if) program.



  • Planner Worksheet/Audit - contains the same degree information as the My Grad Track Audit PLUS shows how your planned courses from the Student Educational Planner apply toward requirements. You can also use the What If Option button to apply planned courses toward a degree different than your declared program.


GPA Calc Tab


  • Graduation Calculator - allows you to enter the amount of credits remaining to complete your degree as well as your desired GPA to determine what grades will be needed to achieve your desired GPA.



  • Term Calculator - allows you to enter grades for your current courses and see how they will affect your UVU Cumulative GPA.



  • Advice Calculator - allows you to enter your desired GPA then gives advice on how many credits and what grades are needed to achieve that GPA.