Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Wolverine Track FAQs

How do I access Wolverine Track?

Login to UVLink then click on the links to launch Wolverine Track. Once launched, your current declared degree, major, concentration (if applicable), and minor (if applicable) requirements will be displayed.

*The default web browser for Android mobile devices currently does not allow optimal functionality with Wolverine Track.

How current is my information in Wolverine Track?

The information in Wolverine Track is updated each night and each time a new audit is run. Example: If you add or drop a class, you can either wait until tomorrow to view an updated audit OR view an updated audit immediately by clicking on the Refresh button (located at the top of the audit and to the right of the student information bar).

Can I view class information (credits, course descriptions, prerequisites, etc.) in Wolverine Track?

Yes. Click on (or hover your mouse cursor over) the desired Still Needed course.
Example:Still Needed:1 Class in MATH 1050 - click on or hover over MATH 1050.

  • Hovering your mouse cursor over the desired course will display the course title, GE code (if applicable), and credit hours (Example: College Algebra QL - 4 Credits).
  • Clicking on the desired course will display a pop-up window showing course information (including pre-requisites, course description, credits, etc), an overview of available courses (including CRN, Section, Seats Open, Days/Times of classes), and Class Search button(s) linking to Banner registration.

Can I register for Classes in Wolverine Track?

Yes. A link to Banner registration is available in Wolverine Track. To access the link:

  1. Click on the desired Still Needed course (Example:Still Needed:1 Class in ENGL 2010 - click on ENGL 2010).
  2. In the UV Banner Online Services pop-up window, click on the the Class Search button (located at the bottom of each semester listing of available courses).
  3. In the Look-Up Classes to Add pop-up Banner registration window, follow the registration instructions.

Is Wolverine Track the same as my Transcript?

No. Wolverine Track is an unofficial record of your coursework and how it applies toward different UVU programs. An official transcript looks completely different and may be requested through UVLink or the Records Office.

What do I do if I believe the information in the audit is incorrect?

Contact your advisor and review your audit with him/her. Any major changes or course exceptions must be submitted by the advisor to the appropriate office. If you believe there is a problem with the functionality of Wolverine Track, please direct your question to or click on the Contact Us link located at the top of the audit.

I am a dual major. How do these requirements show in Wolverine Track?

Wolverine Track does not display dual major requirements. It will display the primary program (degree-major) declared on a student's record. You will need to run a "What If" audit to check additional requirements for the secondary program (degree-major). Note: Dual Majors are very rare and students must have prior approval. What is a Dual Major?

My advisor said that they changed my major, why is a different one showing in Wolverine Track?

Refer to FAQ: Why is Wolverine Track showing a different program (degree-major) than my declared program?

Why is Wolverine Track showing a different program (degree-major) than my declared program?

This depends on if you have applied for graduation or not.

  • If you have not applied for graduation, contact your advisor.
  • If you have applied for graduation, Wolverine Track will display the requirements for your graduating degree, major, concentration(s), minor(s) and catalog year until the degree has been awarded or denied. Check your graduation/degree information and status in Wolverine Track by clicking on the Click here for deadlines, already applied information, and more text (located below the Degree Progress bar) then link to Already Applied? Check Student's Degree Information.

Where is the link to apply for graduation?

The link to the graduation application can be found in Wolverine Track below the Degree Progress Bar. If you have completed 75% of your degree, this link will be highlighted in yellow.

My advisor cleared me for graduation but Wolverine Track shows some requirements are still remaining. Does this mean that I will not be able to graduate?

Make sure you are viewing an audit for the same program (degree-major), concentration(s), minor(s) and catalog year that your advisor "cleared" for your graduation. All requirements must show as complete in Wolverine Track before any degree may be awarded. You are responsible to apply for graduation and make sure all requirements show as met in Wolverine Track by appropriate deadlines. Additional information is available on the Apply to Graduate and Graduation FAQs website.

Why can't I access/view Wolverine Track?

This depends on which error, if any, you are getting:

  • "Student information for ID ######## not found": If you are a new UVU student or have not attended within the last 7 semesters, you must be fully admitted to UVU before being able to view your Wolverine Track. It takes Wolverine Track 24-48 hours after you're fully admitted to pull in your information.
  • "IRISLink CGI Error" or "Access Denied" error: Please try a different web browser and email the error details to (if possible, attach a screenshot of the error).
  • Other viewing issues:
    • Please try clearing your web browser's cache. Due to frequent browser updates, it is best to use an internet search engine (such as Google) for instructions on "how to clear cache in Firefox" (or Internet Explorer, Safari, etc...whichever browser you are using).
    • The default web browser for Android mobile devices currently does not allow optimal functionality with Wolverine Track. Please try a different web browser.
    • Still having access/viewing issues? Please email the details to (if possible, attach a screenshot of the issue).

Student studying

Planner FAQs

What is a Planner?

The Planner is a tool that students and advisors use to arrange course requirements into future semester blocks. It is recommended that you work with your advisor in creating an active plan and then keeping it up to date. The information entered into the plan will be used by university administrators to determine the demand for various courses offered each term.

How do I plan courses for future semesters?

On the Planner tab:

  1. Select Add New Plan from the Planner drop-down menu then Click on Load.
  2. Name your plan in the Description field.
  3. Verify the Active Plan box is checked.
  4. Choose the desired future semester from the Select Term drop-down menu.
  5. Drag Needed courses from your audit (left side of tab) then Drop them into the desired future semester course boxes (right side of tab). This will automatically insert the course subject, number, and credits.
    NOTE: You can also type courses directly into the future semester course boxes but they must be entered as labeled in the catalog. (Example: Enter PHIL 205G ... not philosophy 205 or ethics and values ... make sure you enter the correct credit hours.)
  6. Insert check mark(s) to indicate which semesters you desire your planned courses to be considered in the Planner Audit. Either click on Check All Terms button (right side of tab near the bottom) or Click on the box next to desired future semesters (right side of tab to the left of Select Term drop-down menu).
  7. Click on Process New button (right side of tab near the bottom).
  8. Review the Planner Audit (left side of tab) to see how planned courses apply.
  9. Click on the Save Plan or Save As... buttons to save the plan for future review/use.

After I Save my plan, a red arrow is displayed next to one of my planned courses. What does this mean?

Refer to FAQ: What does it mean if a course I planned pulls into the "Not Counted" section of the Planner Audit and shows "-Course not found in system-"?

What does it mean if a course I planned pulls into the "Not Counted" section of the Planner Audit and shows "-Course not found in system-"?

This means the course you entered in the plan was not validated by the current course catalog. The courses planned must be entered exactly as they appear in the catalog in order to pass the validation process. Clicking on the Save button will display a red arrow next to the courses that do not pass validation. Hover your mouse cursor over the red arrow to display the reason the course was not validated. You may enter a hyphen in front of the course if you wish to skip the validation process.

Can I create multiple plans?

Yes; however, only one plan may be "active" and only that plan can be used for reporting purposes to determine demand for courses in a specific semester.

If I put a course into my planner, am I automatically registered for that course in that future semester?

No. The Planner is for planning purposes only. You must still register for courses through UVLink or the Wolverine Track Audits tab (refer to above FAQ: Can I register for classes in Wolverine Track?)

Is the course I planned guaranteed to be available for that future semester?

No. The Planner is for planning purposes only. Final course schedules are available to students online shortly before registration. If you discover that a course you planned is not being offered, contact your advisor or the department over the course.

Can I create a plan for a program (degree-major) different than my declared program?

Yes. Use the Planner What If feature (located on the left side of the Planner tab below the Planner Audit).

What if FAQs

What is the What If feature in Wolverine Track?

The What If feature allows you to choose a different degree, major, concentration(s), minor(s) and/or catalog year then view how your UVU & Transfer courses apply toward those graduation requirements. This feature should also be used if you are applying for a degree different than your declared major.

Does running a What If audit change my major?

No. Contact the advisor over the new major to have your major officially changed.

Can I save my What If scenario?

No. Wolverine Track does not save What If scenarios.

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