AACSB Accreditation

In December, 2006, The UVU School of Business earned its international accreditation from AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.


What is AACSB?

AACSB International is the highest, most demanding accreditation for business schools, held by approximately 1/3 of the business schools in the U.S. The basis for AACSB Accreditation is captured in standards related to the college and school, the school's mission and resources, faculty, students, degree programs, and instructional resources. AACSB focuses on a school's quality based on their mission statement and the standards, and expects and looks for ongoing continuous improvement.

Why is AACSB Accreditation Important?

For students seeking the finest education, and companies seeking high-caliber talent, AACSB International accreditation is one of the most important affirmations of the right choice of business school.

AACSB International business accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Institutions that earn accreditation confirm their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review process. These business schools set forth a thoughtful and strategic plan, and then marshal the resources to achieve a vibrant and relevant mission. Curricula are evaluated in terms of outcome. AACSB International accreditation demands a superior faculty, supporting high-caliber teaching and meaningful interaction between students and faculty.

In short, a business school accredited by AACSB International produces graduates who are prepared to succeed in the business world.

IRI Data

In addition to public disclosure information required by national or regional accreditors, or by governmental mandate, school provide reliable information to the public on their performance, including student achievement as determined by the school, including the number of students enrolled in each degree program and the number of graduate from each degree program on an annual basis.

IRI Data