About Beta Alpha Psi

Founded in 1919, Beta Alpha Psi is an honor organization for financial information students and professionals. There are over 300 chapters on college and university campuses with over 300,000 members initiated since Beta Alpha Psi's formation. We strive to make networking and recruitment easier by providing opportunities for students to interact with firms directly. Please join us at any of our upcoming events! If you’re looking to develop your professional network, add to your resume, learn about current internship opportunities, and make a plan for your future career, then this is the place for you!

Student Members

  • Network with firms who are there to meet YOU
  • Connect with like-minded students
  • Explore the career options available to you now and after graduation
  • Distinguish yourself by adding to your resume




Professional affiliation 

  •  Connect with our up-and-coming accounting students through events like Meet the Firms and BAP Member events
  • Inspire students to learn and teach them about relevant topics in accounting
  • Interact with students in a variety of settings through member
  • Exclusive events




The team


Faculty Advisor


Marty D. Van Wagoner




Assistant to President


Rebecca (Becca) Larsson

VP – Best Practices


Spencer Kimball

VP – Firm Relations


Nick Capeto

VP - Activities


Madelynne (Maddy) Erickson

VP – Communications


Charlotte Seegmiller



Acacia Tam



Ashlynn McNeely

Recent Events

BAP team doing mentoring and service


Our chapter also provides great service! Mentoring and community service.

the team that won 2nd place in practices

Team winning 2nd place internationally

Our Best Practices team won second overall for their presentation. Since the winning team was from Australia, we like to claim we were first in the nation!! So proud of our students and how well they represented us!!!

Bap mentoring


Bap offers mentoring for students!


Do I have to be a BAP member to attend events?

Nope! All students are welcome at our meetings. Even if you aren’t currently studying accounting, come see what it’s all about! See the calendar above for our upcoming activities.

Can I still become a member if I haven’t been matriculated yet?

You can still be an Associate Member if you meet all other membership requirements, besides matriculation. Click the link under the “For Students” section to pay your dues and become a member.

Is Beta Alpha Psi a fraternity?

Beta Alpha Psi is an honor organization for accounting and finance students; it is not a fraternity or sorority.

Can I come to activities if I’m not an accounting major?

Yes! If you’re interested in finding out if accounting is for you, Beta Alpha Psi is a great place to start! See the calendar above for our upcoming activities.


Undergraduate and Graduate Students

You are eligible to become a BAP member if you:

  • Have been matriculated
  • Have declared a concentration in accounting, finance, or information systems;
  • Have completed at least 1½ years of college courses AND at least one course beyond entry level in your related major; AND
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Click here to pay dues and become a student member

Professional Participation Tiers


Partner - $2,250 for the year

Executive - $1,500 for the year

Associate - $750 for the year

Meet the Firms events

(Fall & Spring)
Attendance with up to 4 professionals Attendance with up to 2 professionals Attendance with 1 professional

Etiquette Dinner event

Attendance with 2 seats Attendance with one seat Not Included

BAP Member Exclusive events*

6 events with 4 professionals 3 events with 2 professionals Not Included

Professional Speaking event

First choice of date Second choice of date Third choice of date

Community Service Project**

Included Included Included

Firm Representation on UVU BAP website

Included Included Included


*BAP Member Exclusive Events are social networking events hosted by BAP for student members and professional partners. These events allow students and professionals to connect in a more relaxed environment.

**One service project per semester. Details to be provided at a later date.

Click here to pay and become a Participating Professional


Beta Alpha Psi will shape the financial and business information professions by developing members into ethical, professional, and confident leaders.


Our purpose for each of our members is to provide professional opportunities that help each member stand out as they enter the workforce. UVU is traditionally a commuter school and we have found that our members fit that category. Because of that, we know that recruiting and professional networking can be a difficult task to accomplish. We strive to provide opportunities to help our members navigate recruiting and professional networking with ease. Please join us for a meeting! You do not have to be a member to attend a meeting and you do not have to currently be studying accounting. If you are wondering if accounting is for you this is a great place to start. You will find our event schedule below.


The purpose of Beta Alpha Psi is to:

  • recognize outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting, finance, and information systems;
  • promote the study and practice of professional fields related to these disciplines;
  • provide opportunities for self-development and association among members and practicing financial professionals;
  • encourage a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibilities


The mission of Beta Alpha Psi, the premier international honor and service organization for financial and business information students and professionals, is to inspire and support excellence by:

  • encouraging the study and practice of accountancy, finance, and information systems;
  • providing opportunities for service, professional development, and interaction among members and financial professionals; and
  • fostering lifelong ethical, social, and public responsibilities.


Want to learn more about Beta alpha psi?


Contact Faculty Advisor, Marty Van Wagoner

Click Here


We are so very grateful to the firms supporting our chapter!!!


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