Working Papers

2013, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006




Issue Authors Title
5-10 Letty Workman and Gregory R Berry Building the five R/FIVE Stakeholder Research Framework: Understanding Engaged Learning in the Business School
4-10 Letty Workman and David Paper Compulsive Buying: A Theoretical Framework
3-10 M.G. Quibria and Farid Islam Immigration and long-run economic outcomes: A note
2-10 Harry Taute, Jeremy J. Sierra, and Robert S. Heiser Defining Brand Tribalism
1-10 Maritza Sotomayor Latin America's Trade Performance in the New Millenium



Issue Authors Title
02-08 Leo Chan and Donald Lien Physician-assisted Suicide as a Real Option
01-08 Amir Kia Inflation: Islamic and Conventional Economic Systems


Issue Authors Title
11-07 Farid Islam, David McArthur and Ian Wilson Globalization and the World Trade Organization: The Challenges Ahead
10-07 Farid Islam, Muhammad M. Islam and Ian Wilson The Impact of Economic Education on Student Performance in Business Curriculum: Is There a Variation by Areas of Concentration?
09-07 Amir Kia and Norman Gardner Analyzing the Fiscal Process Under a Stochastic Environment: Evidence From Egypt
08-07 Faridul Islam, Saleheen Khan, and Syed Mushtaque Ahmed Persistence in Railway Output of Bangladesh - An Econometric Analysis
07-07 Ashraf Nakibullah and Faridul Islam Effect of Government Spending on Non-Oil GDP of Bahrain
06-07 Amir Kia Money, Deficits, Debts and Inflation in Emerging Countries: Evidence from Turkey
05-07 Shoumi Mustafa and Faridul Islam Determinants of Student Loan: Evidence from a Simultaneous Tobit Model
04-07 Saleheen Khan and Faridul Islam Was China the First Domino? Revisiting Asian Currency Crisis
03-07 Faridul Islam, Saleheen Khan and Salim Rashid Immigration and Economic Growth: Further Evidence
02-07 Vaughn S. Armstrong The valuation of legal claims using option pricing principles
01-07 Amir Kia and Ali F. Darrat Modeling Money Demand under the Profit-Sharing Banking Scheme: Some Evidence on Policy Invariance and Long-Run Stability