Publication Board

Publication Board:


Publisher: J. Bonner Ritchie, Acting Dean, School of Business

Editor: Larry D. Hartman, Organizational Behavior and Communication

Associate Editor: Judy Conder, Organizational Behavior and Communication

Design Editor: Cynthia Olsen Krebs, Business Systems Administration

Contributing Editor: Colleen Vawdrey, Organizational Behavior and Communication

Editorial Reviewers:


Dr. Josephine A. Chargois, Professor, Howard University

Dr. Cynthia W. Drexel, Professor, Western Colorado State College

Dr. Janice Gygi, Professor, Utah Valley University

Dr. Robert G. Insley, Associate Professor, University of North Texas–Denton

Dr. Daphne A. Jameson, Professor, Cornell University

Dr. Marguerite P. Shane-Joyce, Professor, California State University at Los Angeles

Dr. Richard L. Sorenson, Professor, Texas Tech University

Dr. Colleen Vawdrey, Professor, Utah Valley University

Advisory Board Members:


Mr. Kevin L. Simister, CPA and Utah Valley University Advisory Council Co-chair

Dr. Ted D. Stoddard, Professor, Brigham Young University

Dr. Allyson Saunders, Assistant Professor, Weber State University

Mr. Larry D. Macfarlane, NuSkin Corporation

Editor's Note: Upon the retirement of Professor Barbra Hoge, former Associate Dean, department chairperson, and teacher in the School of Business , appreciation is expressed for her vision and leadership as an instructor, researcher, and administrator. Professor Hoge and Dr. Ian Wilson, former Dean of the School of Business, were pivotal in encouraging teaching, researching, and publishing to further quality education in business at Utah Valley University.

*Appreciation is expressed to Lora Albee, design specialist, copy production assistants, and printing production staff members. Appreciation is also expressed to Jeffery Johnson for his assistance in programming mailing and distribution software packages.