Message from Dean Fenton-School of Business

Dean James W. Fenton, Jr., School of Business --

In August, 2003, when the Fall term began, I appointed a committee of tenure-track faculty and administrators as the Journal Assessment and Advisory Board. The journal advisory and assessment committee was asked to review the mission, goals, and impact of the current School of Business Journal . A name change for the journal was also suggested. Following an international review of journals of business and management, the committee recommended the journal be titled The Journal of Business Inquiry: Research, Education, and Application. By vote the name and criteria were approved.

The nine faculty committee met throughout the following semester and eventually concluded that the research breadth of the journal should be expanded to parallel the research and inquiry criteria recommended by the American Academy of Management and by the AACSB Accreditation research and publishing expectations.

Therefore, JBI is dedicated to publishing scholarly work from across the disciplines encompassed within accredited schools and colleges of business and management. The purpose of the journal is to promote a discussion of theory, research, and to report exemplary applications of business and management principles. Research categories include, but are not limited to, Theoretical Development, Empirical Research, Comparative Research, and Descriptive Research. Each of these categories is explained in Volume 3.

Additionally, The Journal of Business Inquiry: Research, Education, and Application was accepted for listing in the international Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management, Ninth Edition, slated for international release in 2004.

The 2004 issue of JBI contains some very interesting research covering a range of disciplines. The results reported in the journal include assessments of economic and management advantage theory, ethics and cheating dilemmas in colleges, roles of student community service in college and university courses, and 'change' theory and 'more' management theory as studied through an ethnic case report and analysis.

Drs. G. D. Flint and David D. Van Fleet assessed the field of strategic management and examined classical economic concepts of absolute and comparative advantage. They report research and practitioner efforts leading to business competitive advantage.

Professors Busby, Sorenson, and Anderson , studied factors influencing attitudes about cheating from 200 senior business students at the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Read about what college instructors can do to positively influence ethical and honesty decisions and learn about the studies' variables that positively and negatively impact students' attitudes and practices.

Academic-service learning is reported as an increasing trend for integrating realism and business practices in college business classes. Dr. Susan R. Madsen and Researcher Ovilla Turnbull completed extensive research and classroom appraisals. Their findings suggest that academic service-learning is an ideal teaching methodology for instilling human resource development skills in HRM students.

Drs. Karen Whelan-Berry and Gregory R. Berry researched "change outcomes" as assessed through concepts of first-order change, second-order change, and third-order change. People, organization, management, and communication change can be assessed through single-loop, double-loop, and triple loop-strategies. Using case methodology, an ethnic group is studied and change initiatives and complexities of change--from the present to the past--are reported.

With my compliments,

Dr. James W. Fenton, Jr., Dean
School of Business
Utah Valley University


Appointment of JBI Editor Dr . Gregory R. Berry Announced --

Beginning with Volume 4, (2004-2005), Dr. Gregory R. Berry has been appointed Editor of The Journal of Business Inquiry: Research, Education, and Application

Dr. Gregory R. Berry received his Ph.D. in Organizational Analysis from the University of Alberta in 1997. He has taught undergraduate and graduate business courses in Canada , Australia , and most recently, at Brigham Young University 's Organizational Leadership and Strategy Department.

Dr. Berry reports that he is honored to assume the editorship of JBI and believes that the best learning occurs through research, experience, study, and reflection.


Welcome to Faculty and Administrators

Since the last volume of the journal was released, the following faculty members and administrators have joined the School of Business at Utah Valley University. Welcome!



Dr. Vaughn Armstrong, Department of Finance and Economics

Dr. Gregory R. Berry, Business Management Department

Dr. David McArthur, Business Management Department

Dr. G. David Flint, Department of Finance and Economics

Dr. Peter Robinson, Business Management Department

Dr. Karen Whelan-Berry, Business Management Department


Executive Entrepreneur in Residence:

Dr. Kent J. Millington



Assistant Dean, Mikki O'Connor

Assistant Dean for External Relations, Scott Wells

Director, Dr. Bruce Jackson - The Center for the Advancement of Leadership