Letter from the Editor

We are proud of our achievement with Volume Five of the Journal of Business Inquiry. With nine articles in this issue we have increased our page count significantly. This issue offers a variety of papers including papers that focus on marketing, finance and HR, as well as several pedagogically oriented papers. We have also continued with our "Best-Of" student article in this issue with another paper that was presented at NCUR, highlighting the strength of our undergraduate program at Utah Valley University.

With the journal receiving more submissions this year the quality of the articles published has improved, and we had more articles than we could publish in this issue. I want to comment briefly on the review process we have established for JBI: we start with two internal reviews, and then offer authors the opportunity to revise their papers before the papers go out to two external reviewers. All papers receive four reviews, and line-editing by Kelly or myself – this is as strong a review process as any I have come across for academic Journals. A quality Journal starts with quality submissions, and the quality of the review process becomes critical in refining and preparing these articles for publication. I am proud of the academic service this journal offers to our community. We expect to publish two issues is 2006, and this is another major milestone as we grow our journal.

I would like to recognize and thank all of our reviewers, especially Larry Hartman and Eugene Seeley, for their efforts this year. Finally, a special institutional and personal thank-you to Kelly Forbis who has done exceptional work in establishing the JBI Publication Center, and who is instrumental in the success of the Journal of Business Inquiry.

Enjoy the journal,

Greg Berry