JBI Publication Board

JBI Publication Board

Publisher: Dr. Janice L. Gygi, Interim Dean, School of Business , Utah Valley University

Editor: Dr. Gregory R. Berry, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, School of Business

Assistant Editor: Dr. Eugene L. Seeley, Associate Professor, School of Business

Copy & Design Editor: Kelly A. Forbis

External Editorial Reviewers

Dr. Josephine A. Chargois, Professor, Howard University

Dr. Cynthia W. Drexel, Professor, Western Colorado State College

Dr. Ernest D. Hubbard, Professor, Brigham Young University (Retired)

Dr. Robert G. Insley, Associate Professor, University of North Texas

Dr. Daphne A. Jameson, Professor, Cornell University

Dr. Kate L. Kirkham, Professor, Brigham Young University

Dr. Kenneth G. Plowman, Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University

Dr. Marguerite P. Shane-Joyce, Professor, California State University at Los Angeles

Dr. Ritch L. Sorenson, Professor, Texas Tech University

Reviewers from Utah Valley University

Dr. Vaughn S. Armstrong, Assistant Professor

Dr. Katherine D. Black, Associate Professor

Dr. Lowell M. Glenn, Department Chair

Dr. Scott C. Hammond, Associate Professor

Scott G. Herd, former Director of Distance Education

Carolyn E. Howard, J.D., Assistant Professor

Dr. Steven Johnson, Associate Professor

Dr. Susan R. Madsen, Associate Professor

Dr. Troy R. Nielson, Associate Professor

Dr. Abdus Samad, Assistant Professor

Dr. Sheldon Smith, Professor

Dr. Harry Taute, Assistant Professor

Dr. Ramendra Thakur, Assistant Professor

Letty Workman, Assistant Professor

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Kevin L. Simister, CPA and Utah Valley University Advisory Council Co-chair