What majors do you offer?

The Woodbury School of Business offers bachelor degrees in:

We also offer:

  • Associate of Applied Science degree
  • Associate of Science degrees
  • 1-year certificates and minors

What is a minor and what can a minor do for me?

A minor is a small grouping of courses in a particular field that is important to developing a broad based knowledge of an academic area in a relatively short period of time.  Minors allow you to gain skills in a second area that compliments your main interests in your major. Sometimes, having the right minor can serve as a sort of tiebreaker between you and an otherwise equally qualified competitor for the same job.

How do I change my major?

Any of the advisors in the Woodbury School of Business can change your major to a School of Business Degree. Please come in to the Woodbury School of Business Advisement office, WB 257 or call 801-863-8032.

Why do I need to see an advisor and how do I make an appointment?

All new and transfer students must see an advisor after being admitted to UVU. After you have been cleared to register for classes, advisement is no longer a requirement. However, we strongly recommend that you meet with an advisor every semester as you are responsible for knowing what courses should be taken and in what order.  Advisors can help you avoid common pitfalls. Also, students who are on academic warning or probation must meet with an advisor in order to be cleared to register.  

To make an appointment with an advisor visit http://www.uvu.edu/woodbury/academic-advisement/advisor-list.html to make an appointment or call the School of Business advisement office at (801) 863-8032. 

What is matriculation?

Matriculation is the formal process of becoming eligible to take upper division (3000 & 4000 level) courses. For the School of Business, matriculation means that a student has completed our Matriculation Orientation course, all of the required lower division (2000 level) courses - including any prerequisites, with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Once all those requirements are met, students can begin taking the upper division courses required to finish the degree. For more information.

What are the requirements for the Business Strategy & Formulation class?

In order to take MGMT 4860, students must have completed FIN 3100 (Principles of Finance), MGMT 3450 (Operations Management), MGMT 3000 (Organizational Behavior), and MKTG 3600 (Principles of Marketing).  Students must also be formally matriculated into the Woodbury School of Business.

How many times can I take a class?

A student will be allowed to repeat a failed Woodbury School of Business course only twice. If the business core, specialization, or elective course is not passed with a minimum grade of “C-“ after the third attempt, the student will be dropped from the Woodbury School of Business program. 

What is a prerequisite/co-requisite?

When a course has a prerequisite, it means that a student must have certain knowledge to be successful in the course. This prior knowledge includes the successful completion of a course (for example, you must have completed MGMT 2200 with a grade of "B-" or better) or a test score (getting an 80% when testing out of IM 2010). Completion of the prerequisite is required prior to enrolling in the course. It is the student’s obligation to know and meet course prerequisites. These are stated on our advising sheets and the current University Catalog.

A co-requisite means the courses can be taken together in a particular semester; see your advisor for details.  

What is a catalog year?

Your catalog year is the year you began at UVU. The catalog year starts in fall and ends in the summer, so if you start school spring or summer 2015 you are on the 2014 catalog year. The semester you finish your last matriculation courses we will change your catalog year to line up with year you finished those courses. For example, if you started school fall of 2013 and are ready to matriculate spring 2016 then your permanent catalog year would 2015.

There are two reasons we do this:

  • Department chairs can make degree changes every fall. Until you are matriculated, you are held to those changes. For example, one year our Accounting degree did not require students to take MGMT 2390 but it was a required class the following year. If you were not matriculated at that time then you would be required to take an extra class to meet the degree requirements. Once you are matriculated the catalog is locked in so that you are no longer held to any changes made to the degree. You follow the degree requirements for your catalog year.
  • Students have 7 years to complete their degree once they are matriculated.

Why can't I register for Math?

A student must have had a prior math class (or test score) within the last two years. A student must also have a grade of C or higher in the prior Math class to be able to take the next level Math class.

What is the waitlist and how can I get on it?

A wait list is an electronic list of students who want to enroll in a course that has reached maximum capacity (closed). If the course you want is full, you must be on a waitlist to be considered for admittance into that course. Wait list is first come, first served according to the date and time the student selects the wait list option. For more information on the wait list process visit: http://www.uvu.edu/registration/info/waitlist.html

How can I drop my last class?

myUVU will allow students to drop all but their last class online before the add/drop deadline. The last class can be dropped by contacting:

One Stop

How can I drop classes after the deadline?

If you have extenuating circumstances talk to your major advisor about the option to petition for an Exception to Withdraw. Extenuating circumstances examples include incapacitating illness which prevents a student from attending classes (usually for more than 5 consecutive class days); a death in the immediate family; change in work schedule as required by employer; or other emergencies.  

How do I get an exception to withdraw?

You can stop by the advisement center in WB257 to pick up the Withdraw Exception Form. Instructions on how to complete the form will be given then.

How will my courses transfer to UVU? 

In order to see how a class will transfer to UVU from another college, a student can check the Transfer Articulation database. The Transfer Articulation database can be accessed by logging into myUVU and selecting my academics. You will find it on the right side of the screen under Transfer information.  Please be aware that the Transfer Articulation database only shows classes that have been previously transferred. If a course has never been transferred to UVU, it will not show up on the Transfer Articulation database. The Transfer Articulation database can give students a good idea of how classes will be transferred, however, it is not a guarantee.  Talk to the transfer office for more information. In order to see how classes will transfer from UVU to another school, students should contact the school that will be receiving the courses. 

Who do I contact about internships?

Jessica McArthur

Internship Manager

Office: WB 146K

Phone: 801-863-6243

Email: Jessica.McArthur@uvu.edu

What does AACSB accreditation mean?

AACSB is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.  Schools that have AASCB accreditation assures quality and promotes excellence and continuous improvement in undergraduate and graduate education for business administration and accounting.  Less than 5% of the world's business schools have achieved this elite distinction.

Find more information here.

How do I get a hold of my department chair?

Advisors can provide you with department chair information or you can visit http://www.uvu.edu/woodbury/academic-advisement/advisor-list.html and select the appropriate department.

Where are the Computer, Finance and Accounting labs located?

The computer labs for School of Business students are located in WB 201, 270, and 272. The Finance lab is located in WB 125 and the Accounting Lab is located in WB 111.

Where do I find add dates, drop dates, payment deadlines etc.?

Go to http://www.uvu.edu/and log on to myUVU.  Click on students and on the right side of the screen you will see student timetable. 

What are the graduation deadlines and how do I apply for graduation?

 Go to http://www.uvu.edu/ and log on to myUVU.  Go to Wolverine Track and select the yellow bar just under the progress bar. 

Are scholarships available for the School of Business?

The Woodbury School of Business Scholarship (Dean's Merit) is based on academic achievement. These scholarships are available for incoming freshman and transfer students, as well as continuing students. The award amount varies, with the maximum being full-tuition for one or two semesters.  The minimum GPA is 3.0, and the student must complete at least 12 credit hours toward their major to be awarded and maintain the scholarship.  Residency is required and the deadline is February 1 for incoming freshman and transfer students, and March 1 for continuing students.  All students must complete the online comprehensive Scholarship Application ('Apply Now' button) and freshman and transfer students must be admitted to UVU, have a UV ID number, and provide the Admissions & Registration Office with a copy of your high school grade transcript or college grade transcript(s).  For more information visit Tamara Jensen in WB 128, or call 801-863-7122.

What is CAL and how can it enhance my leadership skills?

The Center for the Advancement of Leadership offers four leadership certification options to augment each student's professional and personal development skills. Each certificate level offers a unique combination of academic coursework, skills and competency development, and experiential education customized for each student's personal needs. For more information visit  http://www.uvu.edu/leadership/

What is the job outlook for the school of Business majors?

Visit http://www.uvu.edu/woodbury/students/whattodowithdegree.html

What clubs are out there for the school of Business students?

Visit http://www.uvu.edu/woodbury/student-resources/student-organizations.html

What will I need to know about the possibility of Law School?

When applying to Law School you must realize that each school has different requirements that students must meet.  To get into Law School, you must have a Bachelor's degree and taken the LSAT test.  You can have a Bachelor's degree in anything but deans and admissions committees are looking for evidence of extensive reading, writing, and research. Keeping this in mind, don't forget to choose something that you love. For more information, visit http://www.uvu.edu/prelaw/gettingstarted/

How do I find out about UVU’s MBA program?

For the MBA visit http://www.uvu.edu/mba/ and for the MAcc visit http://www.uvu.edu/macc/information.html