Print Credit


When a student registers for a course that requires the use of a School of Business computer lab, the student is charged a lab access fee of $32.00. A portion of this fee provides each student with 250 pages of print credit ($.05 per page) at the beginning of the semester. Color printing is also available in WB-270 at $0.20 per page.

When the student's print credit has been exhausted, the student may pay additional monies to add print credit to his/her user account.

UVSC student computer labs share one print credit balance. This means credit from other labs on campus will also apply to School of Business labs, and vise-versa.

Adding Print Credit electronically using PCounter

add credit

PCounter enables students to add print credit instantly using a credit card. This is done through the PCounter icon on the Windows Taskbar. To open the PCredit dialog double click on the yellow dollar-sign icon. Fill out the form and press Submit Payment to securely transmit your one-time charge. Be aware balances are lost at the end of each semester so add only as much credit as you expect to use.

Adding Print Credit using cash or check


Alternatively, you may choose to add additional print credit in person using cash or check. Contact a Lab Assistant or stop by the School of Business Technical Support office in WB-258 to do so. If you would like to pay by check or will need change please download and print the Deposit Form (pdf) . This form is also available in the Technical Support office, Monday through Friday between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Note: If you choose to download and print the form yourself, we will credit your print balance with an additional page of print credit.

Complete the top portion of the form and take it to the Cashier's office where they will accept your payment and validate the form. Then, bring the form to the Technical Support office in WB-258 where a technician will update your print balance.

Questions or Problems?

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact a member of the School of Business Technical Support staff at 863-6155, or in room 133 of the Woodbury Business Building.