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Daily Herald 2/22/17 

Nepal native woman overcomes challenges on her way to getting an education at UVU

Nepal WomanRaised almost literally in the shadow of Mt. Everest in the tiny country sandwiched between India and China, Pasang had left home as a 17-year-old to join her father, who had left the family when she was 8, relocating to a small town in Colorado. And Pasang would know about what’s easy and what’s difficult, because her life has been much of the latter. Nepal Woman Read More ...


UVU Review 11/14/16 

Veterans’ Success features women’s panel

Veterans WomanThe Veteran’s Success Center and the Women’s Success Center at UVU kicked off Veteran’s week by featuring an hour and a half long panel discussion with student veterans: Lena Sansom, Leslie Zimmerman, Mallory Cochran and Sarah Snyder. Nepal Woman Read More ...


Daily Herald 11/03/16 

Llama Llama Pajama Party celebrates bedtime stories

LLama LLama Pajama PartyThe first Llama Llama Pajama Party made Utah Valley University’s Centre Stage feel like a family home just before bedtime. Kids brought blankets, pillows, and of course their favorite pair of PJs as they learned about reading through activities and curling up with bedtime stories.Llama Party Read More ...


Daily Herald-12/29/15 

Holiday Magic Happens for Single Mothers and Their Families

Christmas PartyGina (her name has been changed to preserve her privacy) is a single mother — one of many attending Utah Valley University. Like most college students, earlier this month she was consumed with completing her semester projects and preparing for finals.

But as a single parent, she also had the stress of worrying about how she would provide a Christmas celebration for her children. Christmas Party Read More ...


Daily Herald-12/29/15 

A Walk to Remember: Teacher's Dream Assignment Shares 100 Women's Life Experiences

UWW GalaTwenty-two years ago Michele Welch, Utah Valley University instructor in the American Studies program and director of the Utah Women’s Walk, attended the opening of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial Project in Washington, D.C.

Much to her disappointment, roughly 11,000 American military women, mostly nurses, had not been recognized for their service. The erection of the heroic-size bronze statue depicting three Vietnam–era women caring for wounded soldiers was a much needed addition to “The Wall” honoring men just yards away. UWW Gala Read More...


Deseret News -10/19/15 

Photo gallery: 'Clothesline project' gives voice to victims of violence, sexual assault

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Daily Herald-10/28/15 

Domestic Violence Survivors Excelling in Empowering Program

As Brieanne Van de Graff stood at the edge of the Utah Valley University campus, her heart felt as though it was beating out of her chest. She had never considered herself to be an intellectual, but as she took her first step on campus, she had never felt more excited to see what the future held. Van de Graff, a survivor of domestic abuse, said it took incredible motivation to make something better for herself.Domestic Violence Survivors Read More...


Daily Herald-10/01/15 

UVU center aspires to fix detrimental problem of women grad rates

Tera Prestwich never considered herself to be “college smart,” let alone have a career in Student Affairs. After a long and hard battle she graduated from Utah Valley University and earned her bachelor’s degree. She currently serves as the Women’s Success Center coordinator at the university. Prestwich intends to pay it forward and reach out to other women who aim to earn their degree for life. Women Grad Rates Read more...


Daily Herald-5/16/15 

700 cars expected at upcoming UVU auto show

Jenni Jessop has been selected by the Women’s Success Center to receive a refurbished Dodge Grand Caravan EX as part of UVU’s 28th annual Auto Expo & Swap Meet, one of the largest and best-known car shows in Utah. UVU Auto Show Read More...


Daily Herald-5/16/15

HOPE FOR HELP: Student widow recounts pain of suicide loss

In her short 21 years, Jasmine Cloward has seen more than many twice her age. The single mother of two, when filling out a form, checks the box that indicates “widow.” Her husband Cory took his own life, and there are times she feels like joining him. Instead, Cloward is attending Utah Valley University and participating in suicide prevention events. Hope for Help Read More

Fox 13-5/12/15 

College enrollment among women drops after age change for LDS missions, stats show

Inside the Women’s Success Center at Utah Valley University, Jessica Erickson is on track to live up to the office’s name. But pretty soon, the 19-year-old will be taking a new route, one away from college and towards her church. Watch Clip


Daily Herald-5/6/15 

Habitat for Humanity of Utah County takes part in National Women Build Week

Paige Holland, wife of Utah Valley University President Matthew Holland, and Peggy Worthen, wife of BYU President Kevin J Worthen, offered their help installing drywall alongside other women at a Habitat for Humanity project Wednesday. Part of National Women Build Week, female students, faculty and staff from UVU and BYU volunteered at a pair of homes Habitat for Humanity of Utah County is building for local families. Habitat for Humanity Read More


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