International Women’s Day/Days for Girls

Date: March 5th, 2018
Time: 10am-noon
Place: Grande Ballroom

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International Women’s Day is held on May 8th each year to commemorate the women’s rights movement. It’s a day to acknowledge the achievements women have made in social, economic, political, cultural, and educational spheres. It’s also a reminder that true equality between the genders has yet to be achieved.

In support of International Women’s Day, the Women’s Success Center holds an annual service event for Days for Girls.


Days for Girls

In developing countries around the world, one of the biggest obstacles keeping girls from attending school is a lack of feminine hygiene. Without the appropriate products or sanitation options available, girls often have to stay home from school during their menstrual cycle. These days of isolation cause girls to fall behind in their social, educational, and professional pursuits.

Days for Girls is an organization determined to bring health, safety, and menstrual hygiene to girls everywhere. To support these efforts of global menstrual health, the Women's Success Center sponsors an annual volunteer opportunity to create hygiene kits for girls around the world.


Date: February 22nd, 2018 
Time: 4:00-6:00 pm
Place: Fulton Library 205, 207

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Get one-on-one help filling out the FAFSA for the 2018-2019 academic year. Be sure to bring your 2016 tax information! Workshops will be held for help writing scholarship essays at 4:00, 4:45, and 5:25. There will be food and prizes!

Utah's Women's Walk - Honoring the Women of Utah

Date: Fall Semester
Time: Thanksgiving Point Gardens hours of Operation
Place: Ashton Garden in Thanksgiving Point Gardens, 3900 N. Garden Drive, Lehi, Utah

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The purpose of the Utah Women’s Walk is to recognize and show gratitude for the lives of notable women who have made significant contributions to life in the state of Utah for nearly one hundred and seventy years. The intention of this project is to educate the public about the remarkable lives of Utah women and to uplift, inspire, and motivate other women to reach for their highest potential. The Utah Women’s Walk is also meant to encourage appreciation for the variety of work in which Utah women are engaged and to demonstrate the cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity in our state. The Utah Women’s Walk is about change. Some national statistics place Utah in an unfavorable light regarding women’s compensation and senior leadership in business and government. The Utah Women’s Walk project opens the conversation to address and influence the disparity. Young women in Utah need role models, which are not as readily available to them as to young men. This project provides motivational stories that inspire young women to reach for their highest potential. College graduation rates of Utah women are 9.5% below the national average. The Utah Women’s Walk encourages young women to finish school through research and written biographies of inspirational women. In the Fall of 2017, the Utah Women’s Walk will open a garden walk exhibit in the Ashton Garden in Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi, Utah. The walk will include the heroic size sculpture, Connexion, and an iPhone app (or rented recording device) with recorded information about the women’s lives. A book including the biographies of the honorees will be available. The exhibition will also be available online in the virtual tour exhibit posted on the Utah Women’s Walk website. To learn more about the women of the Utah Women’s Walk and our purpose, please visit our website at

Learn more about the women of the Utah Women’s Walk