Women of Influence

Women's Success Center 2015


Women's Success Center- Introductory Video

     What is the Women's Success Center? The video above explains what our mission is, why we exist, and our collaborative efforts with other successful individuals and programs that encourage women to graduate from Utah Valley University. Some of these team players include Paige and President Holland, Sheri Dew, Women's Build Day, Women Helping Women, the Women of UVU Club and Legacy High School. We know education opens the door for women and this society to improve; because when we help a woman achieve her educational goals we improve Utah Valley University and we also improve the world.


      Women's In Business Lecture Series- Tera Prestwich

     For the first half of this fantastic lecture, Tera Prestwich shares her story about overcoming adversity, gaining experience in the workplace, and discovering her need for a higher education. For the last section Tera teaches about how we can use UVLink and LinkedIn as tools to improve our success as students and as upcoming professionals.



    Women's Success Center-UVUTV - Mica Marcell

     This short Q & A session above with Mica Marcell (a new student to the Women's Success Center) and Ben Holmes (representative of #uvulife) explains what it's like to get involved with the Women's Success Center from a student's perspective. Mica, a foreign exchange student from Brazil, came here with a two year plan but decided to stay because of how much she loves UVU.  Mica explains how the Center helped her feel understood and wanted, because of the passionate people who are dedicated to helping women be successful in every aspect of their life and especially in graduating from UVU. "They will do whatever and everything they can to help me graduate and if you want to get involved join our Women of UVU Club!" -Mica Marcell



 Women's Success Center- Women in Business Lecture- Sharlene Wells Hawkes



UVU: Women's Success Center Lecture Series - Karen Tebbs


UVU: Women's Success Lecture Series - Cheryl Hanewicz



UVU: Women's Success Center Lecture Series - Leialoha Pakalani



UVU: Women's Success Center Lecture Series - Julie Simmons



UVU: Mastermind Lecture - Anne Wairepo


UVU: Mastermind Lecture - Michelle Taylor



Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders



Women's Success Center -Guest Lecture Series - Carla Meine 



     Caroline Casey: Looking past limits

     Caroline, presenting at TED talks, shares her life's journey of learning to believe. This journey includes finding out that she is legally blind at age 17, not accepting this part of herself for 11 years as she takes on various careers, and finally accepting the fact that she needs help. On a run of discovery she realizes what she wants to be. As Caroline followers her dreams, she becomes a social entrepreneur, helps thousands of others to see again, and learns that believing in the right thing has given her the most extraordinary potential.


International Women's Day-Michelle Taylor was awarded the Rainmaker award.