Mamava on Campus

UVU has purchased six Mamava pods. They are located in the Losee Center, Student Life and Wellness Center, Classroom Building, UCCU Arena, Rebecca Lockhart Concourse and the Health Professions Building on West Campus. To find and access the pod nearest you, download the Mamava app.  This app allows you to access the private, secure pod for pumping or breastfeeding your child. 


The Mamava pods are cleaned daily. However, if any pod needs immediate attention please fill out one of the forms below:

UVU Supports Breastfeeding

The Mamava lactation pods are available for anyone who would like a private, quiet space to pump or breastfeed their child.

UVU supports breastfeeding mothers and their families. We know that when moms do better, everyone does better.  We believe that breastfeeding mothers should feed their children wherever and whenever they feel comfortable doing so. State law protects breastfeeding covered and uncovered in any place where a woman may lawfully be.  If you are ever harassed for breastfeeding on campus or see someone being harassed for breastfeeding, please have them contact 801-863-3010. 

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