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2017 Constitution Week: Free Markets and the Constitution

Conweek 2017On September 21st we will be hosting our annual Constitution Week Conference. MORE >

The Quill Project

The Quill ProjectSummer's here, and the time is now, for reading up on the Constitutional Convention! MORE >

2017 Constitutional Symposium on Religious Liberty

Douglas LaycockOn April 6, 2017, the Center for Constitutional Studies hosted a conference regarding religious liberty. Scholars and public advocates representing a wide range of views participated on three panels: the first dealt with the issue of exemptions from general laws, including non-discrimination laws, on the ground of religious conscience; the second dealt with the establishment clause and school prayer; and the third examined political engagement by churches and religious leaders. The winners of the Dr. G. Kevin Jones Religious Liberty Essay Contest also presented their winning essays. The academic panels may be accessed through the Center’s video library. A highlight of the conference was the luncheon keynote address by Professor Douglas Laycock, this year’s recipient of the Center’s Friend of the Bill of Rights and Religious Liberty. MORE >

The Federalism Curriculum

Federalism CurriculumThe Federalism Curriculum is sponsored, provided, and made available by the Commission on Federalism. MORE >

Center Spotlight

MadisonThis week, Director Smith and one of our Wood Assistants, Josman Cereceres,  published an article in the Deseret News. Much work and research were put into this piece. It is titled, "Follow the Framers of the Constitution" and was published August 28, 2017. If you would like to read the article, either pick up a Deseret Newspaper or go to the webpage.