Past Events

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Religious Liberty SymposiumConstitution Week Conference on Justice Scalia's Legacy and the Supreme Court

September 15

This Constitution Week Conference featured an opening address by renowned constitutional scholar Akhil Reed Amar, the Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University. Other esteemed guests from prestigious programs in political science, history, and law presented diverse perspectives and scholarly analysis of Justice Scalia's legacy and the proper role and purpose of the Supreme Court. 

Religious Liberty SymposiumCCS Symposium on Religious Liberty

April 10-11

The religious liberty symposium was hosted in partnership with the Religious Studies Program at UVU and their Mormon Studies Conference on “Mormonism and the Art of Boundary Maintenance.” Working together allowed both entities to cover a fascinating spectrum of topics, from Mormon Identity to the Supreme Court case, Little Sisters of the Poor v. Burwell, currently going through the courts. The 2016 symposium also featured the first panel dedicated specially to UVU students and the winners of the first CCS religious liberty essay contest.

Senator Lee and the Article One ProjectThe Article One Project

March 24

Senator Mike Lee spoke at UVU on Thursday March 24, in the Lakeview Room of the UVU Library. Senator Lee discussed and invited questions from the public on The Article 1 Project, a policy initiative focused on making the case for Congressional empowerment.

Turning PointsTurning Points in History Lecture Series

March 2

CCS was given the opportunity to co-sponsor a lecture, hosted by the UVU Department of History and Political Science as part of its “Turning Points in History” Lecture Series. “’Motley Rabble’ or Martyrs for Liberty? The Boston Massacre and the Problem of Community,” was presented by Dr. Eric Hinderaker, professor of history at the University of Utah.

EpsteinA Common Lawyer Looks at Supreme Court Constitutional Law

February 4

Richard Epstein, the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law at New York University Law School, spoke at the Center for Constitutional Studies at Utah Valley University addressing students, scholars, and members of the community on the topic of Common Law and the Constitution


FederalismThe Principles of Federalism

October 13-14

In collaboration with the Utah State Commission on Federalism, CCS hosted leading scholars from across the country to discuss a variety of theoretical and practical ideas concerning federalism. This gathering was one of the largest national conferences on the principles of federalism in 2015.

ExecutiveConstitution Week Conference on the Executive

September 16-17

Judge Sir Christopher Greenwood of the International Court of Justice gave the opening address of the CCS Conference on the Executive, entitled “Powers and Privileges of US Presidents Abroad Under International Law.”

Religious FreedomConstitutional Symposium on Religious Freedom

April 15

The 2015 iteration of the annual CCS Symposium on Religious Liberty featured scholars discussing topics related to American presidential leadership on matters of religion and recent trends of perceived governmental intrusions into this traditional First Amendment right.

Magna CartaInternational Symposium on Magna Carta

February 17

In celebration of the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, members of the United Kingdom Magna Carta Project visited CCS to discuss the wide ranging impact of this historical document. Gordon Wood, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, gave the Symposium's keynote address.


Freedom of SpeechConstitution Week Conference on Freedom of Speech

September 16-17

During Constitution Week of 2014, law professors and academic scholars from around the country came to discuss the importance of Freedom of Speech. Their topics included: "When Free Speech and Equality Collide in the Workplace"; "The Media and Free Speech"; and "Academic Freedom and The Modern Professor."

Oaks, Symposium on Religious FreedomConstitutional Symposium on Religious Freedom

April 16

Elder Dallin H. Oaks, former Utah Supreme Court justice and LDS Church leader, participated in the 2014 Symposium on Religious Freedom as the keynote speaker, presenting an address entitled “Hope for the Years Ahead.”

Senator Mike LeeCCS Legislative Night: Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)


During the CCS Legislative Night, Senator Mike Lee met with UVU students. This provided an opportunity for students to learn from an influential public figure and politician regarding his perspective on the legislative process.


Speaker LockhartState Legislative Night: Speaker Rebecca Lockhart


The late Speaker Rebecca Lockhart visited CCS during the 2013 State Legislative Night. She discussed the definition of Federalism as it was understood in the era of the American Founding, then related the efforts of the Utah legislature and other State legislatures to petition the Federal government to return to this original definition.

Privacy ConferenceConstitution Week Conference on Privacy

September 17

During Constitution Week 2013, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Robert O’Harrow, former U.S. Ambassador Douglas Kmiec, and other acclaimed scholars discussed various topics relating to privacy in America, including the overlapping of national security and law enforcement, big business in cyberspace, and privacy in the modern press.

Religious LibertySpring Conference: Religious Liberty in an Age of Change

April 9-10

Scholars from across the United States met at CCS to provide insight into issues and controversies of religion in our modern age of change. These scholars spoke of how the conceptions of religious liberty in today’s America have changed since the days of the Founding Fathers.

Benjamin FranklinAmerica's Renaissance Man: Benjamin Franklin

February 26

The Center featured an exhibit and a panel discussion featuring documents, artifacts, and topics relating to America’s Renaissance man. Experts on the life of Benjamin Franklin addressed UVU students and local community members. Additionally, UVU President S. Matthew Holland discussed “Franklin’s Intellectual World,” a book he edited with Paul E. Kerry.

State Legislative Night: Senators Margaret Dayton and Mark MadsenState Legislative Night: Senators Margaret Dayton and Mark Madsen


Two members of the Utah State Legislature addressed CCS students during the 2013 State Legislative Night. This was a crucial opportunity for students of Constitutional Studies to draw connections from their studies to real world legislative application.


First Freedom PremiereFirst Freedom Film Premiere

November 2

CCS had the privilege of hosting the Utah Premiere of PBS’s “First Freedom.” Director Roy E. Goodman discussed the themes presented in the film. Mr. Goodman appeared on a panel along with Randall Balmer, Dartmouth Professor in the Arts and Sciences, Matthew S. Holland, President of UVU, and CCS Director, Rick Griffin.

Constitution Week ConferenceConstitution Week Conference

September 17-20

This Constitution Week Conference featured keynote addresses from notable guests David McCullough, Pulitzer-Prize winning author, and Jonathan Turley, CNN legal analyst and professor at George Washington University.

CCS Grand OpeningCCS Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

September 17

Many notable guests attended the Grand Opening of the Center for Constitutional Studies at UVU, including Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough, UVU President Matthew S. Holland, the late Speaker Rebecca Lockhart, and Founding Director Rick Griffin.