Welcome to the Department of Digital Media

Digital Media prepares students for careers in digital media. It equips students with foundation theories and procedures to develop sound multi-communication structures. It integrates: graphics, text animation, video and audio digital materials to entertain, educate, and communicate ideas through meaningful human interaction. Students in Digital Media (DGM) may earn either an AAS degree or a Bachelor's Degree.

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Digital Audio

Screen shot of the ongoing Digital Audio Spike Jones Project website.The UVU Digital Audio Degree is a powerful gateway into the fascinating world of album recording and mixing, location and post-production sound for film and video, audio restoration and forensics, live sound, radio production, and audio hardware and software design. Students will use industry-leading equipment including Neve/Euphonix, AVID ProTools, Universal Audio, Waves, Tube Tech, AKG, and many others. By graduation, each student will have produced and engineered numerous music, ADR, Foley, and sound effects sessions, including professional-level mixes, and will have their choice of many other areas of audio expertise, and will be professional employment-ready.Learn More

Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema student and faculty member using a Red Camera at the UVU Virtual Set The unique digital film track at UVU has been over ten years in the making. Created by filmmakers, it is a “hands on” filmmaking experience that marries theory and engaged learning by using industry standard scripting, pre-production, production and post-production techniques. By the time students graduate, they will have had an opportunity to be involved in three short films, professional boot camps, internships on professional productions and a capstone two semester Senior Project. Learn More

Animation & Game Design

Still image from the Animation & Game Design student created short "Cyborg Shrimp The Rise of Doctor Calamari" Students will learn industry standards in the field of Gaming & Animation. Learn More

Web Technologies

Web Technologies UX Wall with tablets and smartphones to test user experience on different devices.Students will learn industry standards in the field of Internet Technologies. Learn More