Constitution of the Faculty Senate of Utah Valley University

The purposes of the Faculty Senate are 1) to provide a faculty voice in the policy making of the College; 2) to improve the professional, economic, and civic status of the faculty members; 3) to build solidarity among the faculty members for the solution of problems of mutual concern; 4) to provide opportunities for leadership; and 5) to stimulate professional enthusiasm.

  1. I. Composition of the Faculty Senate

    The Faculty Senate shall be constituted as follows:

    1. The Executive Committee of Faculty Senate consisting of
      1. The President of the Faculty Senate
      2. The President-Elect or Past President of the Faculty Senate
      3. The Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate
      4. The Executive Secretary-Elect of the Faculty Senate
      5. The President of the College
      6. The Vice President for Academic Affairs
      7. The Chairs of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees as constituted in the Bylaws of this Constitution.
    2. Faculty Senators who are elected according to procedures defined in the bylaws.

      *The term Faculty or Faculty members in this Constitution refers to contract faculty on a fifty percent or greater contract.

  2. Responsibilities of Senate Members
    1. Faculty Senators serve as the voice of those they represent and for the good of the College. They are responsible for relaying information to and from those they represent.
    2. Faculty Senators are responsible for attending meetings of the Faculty Senate and those of appropriate Faculty Senate Standing Committees. Faculty Senators are expected to arrange for alternative representation when they must miss Faculty Senate activities.
    3. C.Faculty Senators are expected to be involved in the policies, mission, and organization of the institution.
  3. Meetings of the Faculty Senate
    1. Unless otherwise provided by the Faculty Senate, its regular meetings shall be held semi-monthly.
    2. A majority of the elected members of the Faculty Senate shall constitute a quorum for purposes of transacting business.
    3. All actions taken by the Faculty Senate except amendments to the Constitution shall be by majority vote of the Faculty Senators and alternates present.
    4. Adoption of this Constitution shall be by a two-thirds majority vote of the Faculty Senators and alternates present at the time. Once approved by the Faculty Senate, the Constitution is to be presented to the entire faculty for ratification. Ratification will require a simple majority of those faculty members voting.
    5. E. Amendments to this Constitution shall be by a two-thirds majority vote of the Faculty Senators and alternates present at the time and ratification by a majority of faculty members.