So, you want to be a lawyer? Welcome to the prelaw website where there is lots of helpful information to help you understand how to pursue your legal career goals. You should review all of the information here in detail.  That will help you understand the information you will receive in the Prelaw Advisement Office.  Then make an appointment to visit Eileen Doyle Crane, J.D., the UVU Prelaw Advisor.  The Prelaw Advisement Office is housed in the University College Academic Counseling Center on the 4th floor of the Losee Center. Comprehensive prelaw services are provided including help to explore the legal profession, enhance your academic preparation and success to be qualified to study law in graduate school, and how to approach the application process.  There are additional helps related to becoming a successful law student, practicing attorney, and member of the legal profession.


The earlier a student begins to explore law and the requirements to be accepted in the best law school for you and thrive as a law student there, the more opportunities will become available.  There is no one way to approach your future career of law, but there are many things to consider in the process.  Meeting early and often with the Prelaw Advisor will enhance your future options in LSAT performance and choice of law schools in which to study.  Learning how to minimize debt in the process will also enhance your ability to use your law degree in whatever way suits you. 


Working closely with the UVU Prelaw Advisor will expand your knowledge of and preparation for the legal profession, increase your networking circle of law school admissions deans, and introduce you to other UVU students pursuing law as their profession.  Many services and programs exist to facilitate your successful progression to the world of law.  Good luck! It's a great profession!

Prelaw Student Washington DC