The Project


Utah Valley University (UVU) has witnessed substantial growth since its modest start in the year 1941. What began as a vocational school during World War II is today the largest university in the state with over 33,000 students. To coincide with its 75th anniversary in 2016, UVU unveiled an ambitious public art project of extraordinary proportions: Roots of Knowledge.

The Creation Process

The windows anchor an undulating wall of windows at UVU’s Fulton Library entrance comprising 80 individual panes 10 feet high and 200 feet long. The entire installation includes 80 individual panes with more than 60,000 individual pieces of glass, including uroboros, youghiogheny, kokomo, oceana, spectrum, Lamberts, Fremont, and opalescent glass. The panes also include rock, fossils, coins, meteorite, petrified wood, coral, and other artifacts.

Staff from the Sutherland Archives at the Fulton Library collected materials and recorded the process of making the Roots of Knowledge at Holdman Studios before its installation.

More on the Creation Process

The Collaborators

Staff from the Sutherland Archives at the Fulton Library are in the process of collecting and digitizing interviews with project participants.

You can view videos that have already been completed by clicking the link below.

Digital Interviews