Marketing Degree

Job Outlook

Almost a third of all Americans are employed in marketing-related positions. From large corporations to small companies, both in manufacturing and service areas, firms rely on marketers. There is also a growing trend to use marketing in nonprofit organizations, such as colleges, libraries, and hospitals.

Career Opportunities


BA/BS in Marketing126 Credits

General Education Requirements36-37 Credits

  • ENGL 1010Introduction to Writing3.0
  • ENGL 2010Intermediate Writing--Humanities/Social Sciences3.0
  • or ENGL 2020Intermediate Writing--Science and Technology
  • MATH 1050College Algebra4.0
  • or an Advanced Placement (AP) Mathematics Test with a score of 3 or higher
  • Complete one of the following:3.0
  • HIST 2700US History to 1877 (3.0)
  • and HIST 2710US History since 1877 (3.0)
  • HIST 1700American Civilization (3.0)
  • HIST 1740US Economic History (3.0)
  • POLS 1000American Heritage (3.0)
  • POLS 1100American National Government (3.0)
  • Complete of the following:3.0
  • PHIL 2050Ethics and Values3.0
  • HLTH 1100Personal Health and Wellness2.0
  • or PES 1097Fitness for Life (2.0)
  • Distribution Courses
  • ECON 2020Macroeconomics* (fulfills Social/Behavioral Science credit)
  •  Biology3.0
  •  Physical Science3.0
  •  Additional Biology or Physical Science3.0
  •  Humanities Distribution (Foreign Language 202G for BA degree, 4cr)3.0
  •  Fine Arts Distribution3.0

Discipline Core Requirements62 Credits

  • Business Foundation Courses:
  • ACC 2010Financial Accounting3.0
  • and ACC 2020Managerial Accounting3.0
  • or ACC 2030Principles of Accounting (6.0)
  • DGM 2010Business Computer Proficiency3.0
  • or Business Computer Proficiency Exam**
  • MATH 1100Introduction to Calculus4.0
  • ECON 2010Microeconomics3.0
  • MGMT 2200Business Communications*3.0
  • MGMT 2340Business Statistics I3.0
  • MGMT 2390Effective Business Presentations3.0
  • Business Core Courses:
  • FIN 3100Principles of Finance3.0
  • INFO 3120Principles of Information Systems--A Managerial Approach3.0
  • LEGL 3000Business Law3.0
  • MKTG 3600Principles of Marketing3.0
  • MGMT 3000Organizational Behavior3.0
  • MGMT 3450Operations Management*3.0
  • MGMT 3890Career Preparation2.0
  • MGMT 4800Strategic Management*3.0
  • MGMT 4830Strategic Management Capstone Simulation1.0
  • MGMT 493REntrepreneurship Lecture Series1.0
  • or MGMT 495RExecutive Lecture Series (1.0)
  • Marketing Core Courses:
  • MKTG 335GInternational Marketing3.0
  • MKTG 3620Consumer Behavior3.0
  • MKTG 4600Marketing Research3.0
  • MKTG 4650Marketing Management3.0

Elective Requirements25-27 Credits

  • Select 15 credits from the following (3 credits must be upper division):15.0
  • MKTG 3220Retail Management (3.0)
  • MKTG 3630Services Marketing (3.0)
  • MKTG 3650Selling and Sales Management (3.0)
  • MKTG 3660Digital Marketing (3.0)
  • MKTG 3670Advertising and Promotion (3.0)
  • MKTG 4400Competitive Intelligence (3.0)
  • MKTG 481RMarketing Internship (1.0)
  • FOR BA DEGREEComplete 12 credits of any foreign language course 1010, 1020, 2010 sequence12.0
  • FOR BS DEGREESelect 10 credits from any other non-Woodbury School of Business course10.0

Graduation Requirements 

    1. Completion of a minimum of 123-126 semester credits required in the BA/BS degree; at least 40 credit hours must be upper-division courses.
    2. Overall grade point average 2.0 or above with a minimum of 2.5 GPA in all Woodbury School of Business Courses. No grade lower than a "C-" in core and specialization courses.
    3. Residency hours: minimum of 30 credit hours of business courses through course attendance at UVU, with at least 10 hours earned in the last 45 hours.
    4. Completion of GE and specified departmental requirements. Students are responsible for completing all prerequisite courses.
NOTE: Students will be limited to 15 hours of upper-division credit until MATRICULATION is completed.
** Students will be required to complete the Business Computer Proficiency exam with a score of 80 percent or higher or complete the DGM 2010 course with a score of 80 percent or higher.
* Cannot be taken until student is matriculated.

Minor in Marketing18 Credits

Discipline Core Requirements12 Credits

  • MKTG 335GInternational Marketing3.0
  • MKTG 3600Principles of Marketing3.0
  • MKTG 3620Consumer Behavior3.0
  • MKTG 4600Marketing Research3.0

Elective Requirements6 Credits

  • Select 6 credits from the following6.0
  • MKTG 3220Retail Management (3.0)
  • MKTG 3630Services Marketing (3.0)
  • MKTG 3650Selling and Sales Management (3.0)
  • MKTG 3660Digital Marketing (3.0)
  • MKTG 3670Advertising and Promotion (3.0)
  • MKTG 4400Competitive Intelligence (3.0)

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