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Welcome to the Fugal Writing Center

Joshua HilstI'm Dr. Joshua Hilst, Faculty Director for the Writing Center.

Here at the Writing Center, we want you to find a welcoming place that is open to conversations with all writers, whether student, faculty, or staff.

We work with everyone to help develop the whole writer. While we want you to have the best paper you can, our most important goal is that you grow and develop as a stronger, more independent writer and thinker. That's our challenge, and that's what we work to accomplish.

In our center, we look for writers to come prepared to talk, think, and to ask questions. We want you to be a part of this process. If you are willing to commit to being part of the process, we are committed to help develop your capacities with the written word.

Write Wolverine!

Tutor hours


Hours & Location

The Writing Center serves students, faculty, and community members at 4 locations:

Main Center LI 208
Business Extension WB 145a
Losee Tutoring Center LC 404
Community Writing Center at the Orem Public Library




We provide over 40 homegrown handouts on the writing process, academic assignments, grammar, punctuation, and usage.



Schedule a Tutorial

Appointments are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and scheduled appointments are prioritized above walk-in sessions.

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Writing Center


Study Here

No need to leave campus - study here! We provide ample study space, access to a print credit printer, and more in the Main Center.

Please check-in at the front desk.