ZONE: Student Action Learning

Because of construction in the Sorensen Student Center, face to face Zone Activites are held Monday and Thursday evenings in the Sorensen Student Center Ballroom Commons, from 6:30-8:00 pm. (See calender for details on sponsored activities.)   The following activities are held in the Student Wellness Building demo kitchen: "Monday Morning Waffles," "Wolverine Wednesdays," "Cereal Truckster," "Flip'n Friday Pancakes."   No activities will be hosted in the Zone across from the bookstore during fall and spring semesters, due to construction (2020-2021).  

All activities are free to every UVU student. 

"Take a seat; Make a friend"


M-F 8:30am-8:00 pm


  • Online
  • Student Wellness Building Demo Kitchen

Weekly Activities 

The Zone offers free, fun, and engaging activities week days. Learn: music and craft skills, watercoloring, sports, cooking, and more. Everything you need is provided FREE!  Bring your friends and "get in the ZONE!"


8:30am Monday Morning Waffles (Demo Kitchen)
6:30 pm  Leather Works/Fly Tying
6:30 pm Craft Corner
6:30 pm

Piano Keyboarding  

Smoothie Bar  (Free Pizza/Soda)


11:30 am Wood Works
6:30 pm Ukulele             



11:30am Wolverine Wednesday
  Wellness Demo Kitchen
  Wear UVU Apparel 


8:30am Zone Cereal Truckster
6:30 pm 

Water Coloring

6:30 pm

Wood Works

6:30 pm Guitar

Salsa Bar (Free Pizza/Soda)


8:30am Flipp'n Friday Pancakes
10:30am Water Coloring

a stack of paint brushes

Zone Manager

A Zone Manager (ZM) is a UVU student leadership position and is responsible for organizing and facilitating the daily events scheduled in the ZONE. They keep the calendar of events and work with instructors and others who teach and work with students in the various scheduled events. They are responsible for the orderly presentation, maintenance, cleanliness and inventory of the ZONE and its many student center activities and programing.

All ZMs receive compensation and leadership training.

Want to apply for a ZM position? 

If you have questions, call 801-863-6227, visit our office in the SL 214m, or email us at