Student Action Learning

The Student Action Learning Zone is located directly across from the UVU Bookstore and in the Student Wellness Building demo kitchen.  During the fall of 2020, Zone activities are hosted live and interactive online.  No activities will be hosted in the Zone across from the bookstore.  Please join us online and pickup your "participation kit, " which includes all tools and/or materials you need to participate FREE, at the Office of Student Action Learning (SW214m,k).   You will also receive information on how to join our live hosted-daily learning and engaging activities free and available to all UVU Students.

All activities are free, instructional.  Online, live interactive activities are a great place to meet other students with similar interests and join their Action Learning Community. Action Learning Communities use the Zone as a common meeting and learning group and regularly visit and engage in other learning activities off campus.

"Join online; Make a Friend"


M-F 8:30am-2:00 pm


  • directly across from the UVU Bookstore
  • Student Wellness Building Demo Kitchen

Weekly Activities 

Everyday the Zone offers free, fun, and engaging activities hosted live online. Learn: adventure skills, watercoloring, personal budgeting, sports, gourmet cooking, and more. Everything you need is provided FREE!  Bring your friends and "get in the ZONE!"


8:30am Monday Morning Waffles
11:00am Leather Works
12:00am Cooking Hacks & Tips


11:00am Tourney Tuesday
11:00am Crafty Corner

Wood Works



10:00am Wolverine Wellness
11:30am Wolverine Wednesday


8:30am Zone Cereal Truckster
10:00am Relaxation Zone
1:00am Salsa Bar
1:00am  Social Media Hacks


8:30am Flipp'n Friday Pancakes
10:00am Water Coloring

a stack of paint brushes

Zone Manager

The Zone Manager (ZM) is a UVU student leadership position and is responsible for organizing and facilitating the daily events scheduled in the ZONE. They keep the calendar of events and work with instructors and others who teach and work with students in the various scheduled events. They are responsible for the orderly presentation, maintenance, cleanliness and inventory of the ZONE.

All ZMs receive compensation, training. Want to apply for a ZM position? If you have questions, call 801-863-6227, visit our office in the SL 214m, or email us at