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Hear advice from entrepreneurs who have been where you are, compete in competitions where you can gain exposure and win money, network with your fellow studentpreneurs and experienced mentors, and pitch for no-equity funding.

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"It was absolutely incredible. This event helped me more than anything I could’ve asked for, or could’ve ever gotten at a one-on-one consultation with someone in business management. What a great resource that we had meeting so many awesome contacts and getting advice for FREE! I am so glad I got to attend this event and I’m very thankful to the organizers who put it on. I’m excited to take the things I learned last night and run with them."

"This event was truly was of the best experiences of my entire time at UVU. I met several very inspirational individuals who gave their time to listen to my dreams and to give me their professional advice/ feedback. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"[The EI has helped me accomplish] A sense of confidence in my presentation capabilities/public speaking etc as well as business formulation/validation."