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Withdrawal Policy

If you do not wish to take a course, you must officially withdraw by the deadlines stated in the current semester UVU Student Timetable.

How to Withdraw

You may withdraw from courses using the student registration system, providing you are not withdrawing from all of your courses. If you need to withdraw from all of your courses or schedule a leave of absence, contact the First Year Experience and Student Retention office.

Consequences of Withdrawal

Financial Aid

Withdrawing from a course does not reverse the associated tuition and fees and may impact your financial aid status. For more information, see UVU Financial Aid: Withdrawal.


Withdrawing from a class can affect your academic transcript. If you officially withdraw from a course by:

  • "Last Day to Drop and Not Show on Transcript," the course will not appear on your transcript. 
  • "Last Day to Withdraw/Audit Classes," a "W" will appear on your transcript and is permanent. Your GPA will not change.. 

If you do not complete a course and do not drop it before the "Last Day to Withdraw/Audit Classes," you will receive a failing grade ("UW" or "E") for the class and your GPA will drop.

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Academic Integrity

All UVU students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner acceptable at an institution of higher learning.

Code of Conduct

Please read the UVU Student Rights & Accountability page. If you wish, you may read the official Student Code of Conduct. Check your syllabus for additional information.

Student Responsibilities

You are expected to take an active role in the learning process by meeting course requirements as specified in your class syllabus. Faculty have the right to establish classroom standards of behavior and attendance requirements. You are expected to meet these requirements and contact faculty members when unable to do so.

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Student Grievances

Sometimes misunderstandings and disagreements happen within the UVU community.


When problems arise, see the Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution page for resources.

All misconduct must be reported according to university policy. To file a report, go to the Reporting Misconduct and Behavior Concerns page and follow the instructions.

Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

If you feel you have been discriminated against or experienced harassment, contact the Office for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

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Accessibility Policy

Students who need accommodations may contact UVU's Office of Accessibility Services.

Arranging Accommodations

If you need accommodations because of disabilities, contact UVU’s Office of Accessibility Services (OAS), located on the Orem Campus in LC 312. To schedule an appointment, please log into Accommodate or call 801-863-8747. 

Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, please refer to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Page. You may also contact Nicole Hemmingsen by email or by text (385-208-2677).

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Online Etiquette

To maintain a positive environment for online classes, follow online etiquette guidelines.

Dos and Don'ts


  • Show respect.
  • Express differences of opinion in a respectful and rational way.
  • Maintain an environment of constructive criticism when commenting on the work of other students.
  • Avoid bringing up irrelevant topics when involved in group discussions or other collaborative activities.

Do not:

  • Show disrespect for the instructor or other students in the class.
  • Send messages or comments that are threatening, harassing, or offensive.
  • Use inappropriate or offensive language.
  • Convey a hostile or confrontational tone.
  • Use all UPPERCASE in your messages—this is the equivalent of shouting.


Support Services

Wise students know when and where to get help.

Canvas Support

When Canvas isn’t working for you, the UVU Canvas for Students page can help. Check out the FAQs or get live help from the Support resources. 

Service Desk

Visit the UVU Service Desk for help with problems like IT issues, Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, or even Campus Resources.


UVU online courses are not independent study and will have due dates throughout the semester. Students will have access to submit online materials only during the registered term. Materials contained in online courses maybe protected by copyright law.