What we do

Utah Valley University’s Pre-Law Counselor is here to help you determine if a career in the law is right for you. We provide general advice if you are contemplating law school, provide information about law-related activities, acquaint you with the application process and related resources, and provide general answers about the law school atmosphere.  If you decide to apply to law school, we are committed to helping you navigate through the application process. We are available to advise primarily current and former UVU students. Initially, the decision about whether or not to apply to law school—and then actually beginning that process—may seem overwhelming. However, with our support, we believe we can help make that process more manageable for you.

While UVU's Pre-Law counseling program is here to counsel you regarding your interest in attending law school, you are responsible for keeping track of the LSAT and application dates, for approaching professors (or others) for recommendations, and for ensuring your applications are complete well in advance for your deadlines.

Joe Alisa

Pre-Law Advisor

Monday & Friday: 12pm - 6pm
Wednesday: 2pm - 6pm

Email: jalisa@uvu.edu

Joe Alisa

Your Pre-Law Role

  • Determine whether law school is right for you
  • Decide which school to attend
  • Decide when to apply
  • Maximize your chances of admission at the school of your choice