Wasatch Resort Management Program (WARM)

Beginning in the Fall of 2021, students of the AACSB accredited Wasatch Resort Management Program (WARM) will intern within the exciting resort industry of Summit and Wasatch counties while studying at UVU's beautiful Wasatch Campus.

Earn and Learn at the Same Time

Students of the WARM program will receive hands-on learning through paid internships with world-class resorts, lodges, and hotels in the Wasatch Back. Besides the close proximity to outdoor adventure, ski resorts, and the attractions of Park City, students of WARM can also look forward to tuition reimbursement, resume-building experience, and valuable network connections within the industry.

Paid Internships

This innovative program combines in-class instruction with on-the-job learning through paid internships with partnering hotels/resorts. (Internship hours will adjust to the seasonal demands of Park City area hotel operations.)

  • Holiday Break & Spring Semester
    Students will be expected to work full-time (35+ hours) at a qualifying partner property while they study part-time.
  • Fall & Summer Semester
    Students will be expected to work part-time (18+ hours) at a qualifying partner property while they study full-time.
  • Students will work within a variety of meaningful roles during their internships in order to ensure a full breadth of experience prior to graduation.
Server walking through hotel lobby with tray

Program & General Support

Email: warm@uvu.edu
Phone: 801.863.8728

WARM's Mission

Provide exceptional educational and vocational experiences for students seeking a degree in Hospitality Management.

Meet the growing demand for qualified hourly and salaried labor in the thriving hospitality industry of Summit and Wasatch counties.


Students will qualify for per-semester tuition reimbursement of $1000.


Students studying in the Wasatch Resort Management Program will complete the Hotel track of the existing Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management Degree from UVU.


To foster steady work relationships with our resort and hotel partners, students will advance as a group with their peers through their Junior and Senior year. (25-35 students per cohort.)

Interested? We don’t blame you.

Tuition and Budget Considerations

WARM empowers Hospitality Management students to graduate with little to no debt.

Tuition Costs

Total tuition for the entire 5-semester program is $19,500 for Utah residents and $27,625 for non-residents. Utah residency eligibility for the entire length of the program is determined at the time of enrollment.

Tuition Reimbursement

Students who work for a hotel partner may be eligible to receive up to $5000 in tuition reimbursement benefit over the course of the 5-semester program.

Housing Costs

Rent for a furnished apartment through a housing complex affiliate is $600 per month and includes standard utilities, internet, and housing complex fees.

Hourly Internship Wage

Agreements with hotel partners ensure students earn a minimum wage of at least $15 per hour after tips.

Work Load & Income

Most students will work 2-3 shifts (20 hours on average) while studying full-time and 4-5 shifts (35 hours on average) while studying part-time. It is expected that students will work full-time over holiday breaks (40 hours on average). Students meeting these parameters can expect to earn $37K or more in wages and tips over the 20 months while in the program.

Industry Partners

Interested in adding your Resort/Hotel/Lodge to this list?

The WARM program is designed around the needs of the Wasatch and Summit county resort & hotel industry. Property owners who partner with WARM enjoy access to a pool of better qualified and more passionate employees, particularly during peak seasons when they are needed most. Contact Marc Brown at marc.brown@uvu.edu for more information.