SUDC Application Deadline: Monday, June 9, 2014 5pm (application materials are posted here)

What is Substance Use Disorder Counseling?
SUDC Counselors help people who have alcohol and other drugs related issues. They counsel addicts, those who are concerned they may become addicts, and on occasion their loved ones. A SUDC does not prescribe medication or provide medical or psychological therapy. They usually help with practical problems, for example, helping a client find a job. In individual or group counseling settings a SUDC would help the client:

  • identify behaviors and problems related to their substance use
  • talk about, understand, and cope with problems
  • develop personalized recovery programs
  • establish healthy behaviors and coping strategies

Current employment outlook and statistics for SUDCs in Utah can be found here.


*Please note, Tara Ivie is the advisor for students already accepted into the SUDC program. Should you want information prior to applying for admission and receiving your official acceptance into the SUDC program please contact the advisor on this page who is assigned to work with students with the beginning letter(s) of your last name.