WELCOME. If you’ve recently been admitted to UVU and you’re wondering what to do next, you’re in the right place. As you prepare to register for your first semester of classes there are a couple of things you need to do first:

1. Attend New Student Orientation.
2. Meet with your academic advisor.

Whether you are a brand new freshman, or an “experienced” college transfer student, these 2 activities are vital to your preparation for a successful experience at Utah Valley University. Our campus is abundantly endowed with student tools, resources and programs that can help you achieve the education you desire. New Student Orientation will familiarize you with these tools so that you’ll know where to find them, and how and when to use them. Your academic advisor will help you choose and finalize your course schedule and clear you to register for classes.

Follow the steps below...We’ll see you soon at New Student Orientation!


Once you have submitted all of your required admission documents to UVU, and you have received your (email) acceptance letter with your UVID number, you can register for New Student Orientation. We offer several orientation formats to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

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Jumpstart is a comprehensive, half-day event and is the recommended option for all first-time college students. We offer multiple Jumpstart events (March through August) and sessions fill up quickly. You are strongly encouraged to attend Jumpstart at your earliest possible convenience.

Parents are welcome to attend, too! We have a breakout session just for them.

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Quickstart is a 90-minute orientation session catered to individuals who cannot attend Jumpstart due to schedule and time constraints. This option walks students through essential campus tools to fulfill their mandatory orientation requirement.

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(This option is available for NON-RESIDENT students ONLY.) Jumpstart and Quickstart Orientation events will be offered regularly right up to the beginning of the fall 2014 semester. However, if you are an out-of-state student who desires to register for classes and it is not feasible for you to attend a campus orientation session, Webstart may be an option for you. Please call or email our office and our friendly Orientation staff will help you determine the best method for you to fulfill your orientation requirement and still receive the most beneficial orientation experience (801-863-5491 | orientation@uvu.edu).


Make the most of your orientation day visit. Here are some plan ahead tips to help you have an enjoyable and productive day:

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1. Invite your parents or family support system to attend Orientation with you.

Research (and our own experience) shows that the more your family knows about what you're experiencing as a college student, the better the experience will be for all of you. We have a break-out session at Jumpstart just for parents and family members that will help them understand the value of what you're doing and how to help you succeed. What's better than being a new UVU Wolverine? Becoming a whole family of new Wolverines!
(Please indicate the number of family members attending with you on the online registration form under "guests.")

2. Know where you're headed and plan to be here on time.

Traveling from a distance? Never been on UVU's campus before? Need someplace to stay overnight? Check out our travel tips so that you can make the proper arrangements to be here on time and ready to fully participate.

3. Make an appointment to see your advisor.

If you haven't already seen your advisor, then we recommend that you make an appointment to meet with your advisor on your day of orientation. Please note that you must schedule your advising appointment in advance, so we recommend contacting your advisor at least one week before you plan to attend orientation to make sure that your advisor has time available to meet with you. Need help finding or contacting your advisor? Start here.

4. Be comfortable and presentable.

You'll be doing a full campus tour, so comfortable clothing and footwear is a must. We also recommend that you get your (photo) UVID while you're here for orientation, so take whatever steps you need to have a good hair day!

5. Bring a government issued ID.

As previously recommended, if you plan to get your UVID on orientation day, make sure you bring proof of identity.

6. Accessibility and Accomodations.

If you need assistance or accommodations (including translator services) please contact Accessibility Services in advance, as some accommodations take time to schedule and implement. Please call 801.863.8747 (land line) or (video phone) 866.760.1819 or (fax) 801.863.8377.


We're really looking forward to seeing you at Orientation! Here's our final advice to help you have a great experience.

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1. Parking, Parking, Parking!

All students who attend Orientation receive free parking in the visitor parking garage located on the north side of campus (next to the Institute building). If you have registered for an Orientation session you will receive a confirmation email a few days before the event. In that email you will be given a parking code and instructions on how to use the code to pay for your parking space. (Note: this is a one-time use code, valid for the specified Orientation event only.)

2. Obtaining Your Campus I.D. Card

To obtain your UVID you'll need to visit Campus Connection either before or after your scheduled Orientation time. Campus Connection is located in the Sorensen Student Center, adjacent to where Jumpstart Orientation is held.

3. Meet Your Orientation Leaders!

You'll probably hear this statement a lot during your time at UVU: "You get out of your college experience what you are willing to put into it." It's true! So, come to orientation prepared to engage fully in the session. Pay attention! Ask questions! Be open to new ideas! As part of the orientation schedule, you'll be assigned to a group with a UVU Student Orientation Leader (OL). We encourage you to get to know your OL and take their advice. They are successful UVU students who have some true student wisdom to share.

Meet your Orientation Leaders.

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QUESTIONS? Contact Us!
We want your new student orientation experience to be positive and enriching. If you have any questions about which orientation format is right for you, please call or email us. Also, if you need to register for classes, and you have not yet had the opportunity to attend orientation, please contact us and we can provide assistance to expedite your registration process for you.

Phone: 801-863-5491
Email: orientation@uvu.edu