Is New Student Orientation required?  

Yes, New Student Orientation is a mandatory program that all new UVU students are required to complete. The process is different depending on whether you are a beginning college student or a student transferring more than 14 credits.  

If you are a first-year student, find out more information here. If you are a transfer or fully online student, find out more information here

How do I complete Online Orientation?  

Online Orientation is required for all new UVU students and will provide you with the information, resources, tips and tools you need to make a successful transition to UVU. To access Online Orientation, log in to my.uvu.edu and go to your enrollment dashboard. Scroll down the list of Enrollment Tasks and click on “Complete Online Orientation.”  

Online Orientation must be fully completed for your orientation hold to be removed and for you to register for classes.  

Allow about 60-90 minutes to complete Online Orientation. Can’t do it in one sitting? Don’t worry! It saves your progress for when you’re ready to start up again!  

What is Jumpstart Orientation? 

Jumpstart Orientation is an on-campus, partial-day event that will help you connect meaningfully to UVU’s academic and social environment. It’s designed to introduce you to the tools and resources you need to succeed and help you create the connections necessary to thrive on our campus.  

Jumpstart Orientation lasts approximately 5 hours. All first-time students 20 years of age and younger must attend Jumpstart Orientation.

How do I sign up for Jumpstart Orientation?  

After you complete Online Orientation, the “Sign Up for Jumpstart Orientation” link will activate in the Enrollment Tasks on your myUVU account. You will only be able to complete the form once, so be sure to choose a date that you know you can attend!  

Once you sign up for Jumpstart Orientation, your orientation hold will be deferred, allowing you to register for classes. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not attend your scheduled Jumpstart, the hold will go back on your account.  

A few days before your assigned Jumpstart event you will receive a confirmation email with specific event location and parking instructions (sent to your UVU Outlook email account). Check for that email! 

Can my family attend Jumpstart Orientation?  

Yes! Parents, family members, or any other significant individual in your personal support system are welcome to attend! We offer a special breakout session for parents & guests to help them understand how to best support you and your academic goals.  

Please Note: Students and guests are separated for a portion of the Jumpstart event. This allows each person to receive the most relevant content for their role.  

What if I want to come at a different time than what I signed up for?  

We get it, things come up. If you need to change your Jumpstart date, contact the Orientation office ASAP at o[email protected], and our staff will attempt to reschedule you depending on space availability.  

What if I cannot attend any of the Jumpstart Orientation dates listed?  

Please contact the Orientation office at 801-863-5491 or [email protected], and we will help you find an alternative Jumpstart date that will work for you.  

What happens if I don’t attend my scheduled Jumpstart Orientation?  

When you sign up for Jumpstart Orientation, your registration hold is deferred, allowing you to register for classes. But if you do not attend your scheduled Jumpstart, the hold will go back on your account, preventing you from making changes to your class schedule or registering for future semesters. You must attend the entire Jumpstart event to have your hold removed.  

If you missed your scheduled Jumpstart Orientation, please contact the Orientation office ASAP at [email protected] to reschedule. Jumpstart dates are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and spots fill quickly!  

What should I wear to Jumpstart Orientation?  

Jumpstart includes a campus tour, so comfortable clothing and footwear is a must. Jumpstart also provides the opportunity for you to get your UVID photo while you're on campus. So, take whatever steps you need to have a good hair day! (If preferred, UVID photos can also be submitted online, view instructions). 

If I have additional questions about my Orientation requirements, who should I contact?  

Our friendly Orientation staff are happy to answer any of your questions! They can be reached by calling 801-863-5491 or via email at [email protected].