Summer Semester

Thank you for all those who applied for the 2014 Summer Scholarship.
Summer classes begin May 12!

View all summer classes available by clicking HERE.

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Make the Most of It this Summer!

  • Graduate Sooner

    Get your degree faster by taking classes during summer semester.

  • In-state Tuition

    Out of state & International students pay in-state tuition during summer!

  • Smaller classes

    Classes are smaller during summer, giving you more attention from the faculty to help you do even better!

  • Free parking

    That's right! You get Free Parking!

  • Catch up

    Need to retake any classes or want to get a better grade in a tough course? Focus on that class during summer to keep you on track to graduate.

  • Save Money

    Save money by graduating on time or early and you'll enter the job market or enroll in professional or graduate school sooner.


Important Dates for Summer 2014