Summer Semester

Join us for Summer 2015

Take this Summer to get yourself propelled toward graduation! There are many classes available for all of our majors, and you can take this opportunity to take the classes you need to get ahead in your major. We've got options for everyone! No matter your Summer plans, school can work for you!


First Block May 12-June 27
Second Block June 30-August 15
Full Semester May 12-August 15
Weekend May 9-July 19
Online May 12-August 15

Make the Most of It this Summer!

  • Graduate Sooner

    Get your degree faster by taking classes during summer semester.

  • Catch Up

    Need to retake any classes or want to get a better grade in a tough course? Focus on that class during summer to keep you on track to gradate! 

  • Smaller classes

    Classes are smaller during summer, giving you more attention from the faculty to help you do even better!

  • Free parking

    That's right! You get Free Parking!

  • In-State Tuition

    Out of state & International students pay in-state tuition during summer!

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