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2014 Theatre Department scholarships auditions have finished, and we've awarded our funds for Fall. But if you missed the deadlines, it's not too late to get us a filmed audition in case any of these scholarships are refused or unclaimed. Interested auditioners could do one of these three things:

Email the filmed audition to Christopher Clark at
Drop a jumpdrive off at UVU: FA 705
Send us a youtube link at

We'd be happy to look at any of these options from you. All scholarship students need to accept by April 1st. Check back with us on April 1st to see if anything has opened up for you!


Take a journey with UVU's Theatre Department during 2013-2014 as we explore American classics, Pulitzer Prize winning musicals, Shakespearean comedies, and two productions geared just for youth! Our season promises to excite, teach, and entertain patrons of all ages: there's something for everyone! Don't miss this exciting season...come journey with us! learn more

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UVU Theatre is THE destination for theatre in Utah for both audiences and students. Every member of our community is touched by our work, whether through our main stage productions, our theatre for children and youth, through the influence of our teachers, and by contact with our students. Through our classes, programs, and productions, we are interwoven into the tapestry of our connecting communities to the extent we are an acknowledged "cultural treasure".learn more


Utah Theatre Bloggers Association: Taming of the Shrew is Totally Rad

OREM — The Taming of the Shrew, like many of Shakespeare's best plays, is so versatile. The film 10 Things I Hate About You moved the story to a high school at the turn of the millennium, while BBC (in their excellent miniseries Shakespeare Retold) turned Katharina into a powerful British politician. learn more

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Letters to Myself

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