Web Standards, Policies and Procedures

The public web at UVU is a centralized system governed by standards, policies, and procedures to maintain our brand, our  image, and our content at the highest standards. Please return here often as new standards are put in place as technology and need change.

Web Style Guides

The web style guides are documents put together by University Marketing & Communications to help focus the efforts on web issues in the area of styles. They are to help all web community members learn the styles and designs available and approved to use on the UVU public web systems. This includes styling and designs for mobile apps, mobile sites, responsive layouts, themes, etc. Color palettes, fonts, and other style elements are described in detail, making it easy for all site to remain within the standard brand.

If you need web style guidance, please contact University Marketing & Communications.

Web Policies and Procedures

The UCC and SWAT have been working hard to put in place policies and procedures to govern the web at UVU. These have been listed here for your convenience. These will be added to as time goes on, so please keep informed of the new technology standards as they are approved.

Web Tech Guides

Most of our tech guides are in the form of trainings available to UVU web community members.  For those training materials, please visit the Training section of this site. More guides become available, they will be listed here.

Web Accessibility Standards

The key principle of web accessibility is to increases the general usability of the web and lets people with or without disabilities to use websites according to their needs. It allows people with disabilities to do more things themselves, without relying on others.