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Tom Arnold

Opening Keynote: Tom Arnold

As a writer, producer, and actor, Tom Arnold has established himself to both television and film audiences worldwide, having won such awards as the Peabody Award and a Golden Globe Award. Additionally, he helped put Fox Sports Network on the map with his hosting duties on “Best Damn Sports Show Period.” Arnold currently hosts CMT’s “My Big Redneck Wedding” and “My Big Redneck Vacation” which premiered at the highest ratings in CMT history.

Arnold cornered the market on playing the resident comic relief in films like “Nine Months” with Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, and Robin Williams, “True Lies” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Hero” with Dustin Hoffman, and “Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery” with Mike Myers. Arnold will next be seen in his 72nd film, Stephen Gyllenhaal’s quirky political comedy “Grassroots”, Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Witness Protection” and “Hit And Run” with Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper.

Arnold has successfully broken out of the comedic stereotype and is becoming a fixture at film festivals by landing more mature and dramatic roles. He received critical praise for his role in “Gardens Of The Night,” opposite John Malkovich, “The Great Buck Howard” starring John Malkovich and Tom Hanks, “Good Dick” opposite Jason Ritter, and “The Year Of Getting To Know Us” opposite Sharon Stone, Jimmy Fallon and Lucy Liu. In 2005, he received critical notice for his role in Don Roos’ “Happy Endings” for Lions Gate Films. He was also seen in “Pride” opposite Terrance Howard, and “Animal Factory,” directed by Steve Buscemi. Other film credits include “Soul Plane,” “Cradle To The Grave,” “Exit Wounds” and “The Kid & I.”

Koren Zailckas

Closing Keynote: Koren Zailckas

Koren Zailckas is an internationally bestselling writer and has contributed to The Guardian, U.S. News & World Report, Glamour, Jane, and Seventeen magazine. She currently lives with her family in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Koren is the author of the iconic memoir SMASHED, followed by other offerings, The Drama Teacher, and Mother, Mother.

Lipi Roy

Plenary: Dr. Lipi Roy

Dr. Lipi Roy is an internal medicine and addiction medicine physician, keynote speaker, Forbes Contributor, sought-after medical media personality and host of the YouTube series, "Health, Humor and Harmony." She currently serves as a Medical Director at Housing Works in New York City as well as clinical assistant professor at NYU Langone Health. During the pandemic, she treated patients with opioid addiction at a Bronx harm reduction clinic. Dr. Roy’s work spans academia, clinical medicine, homeless health, social and criminal justice, public speaking, media and entertainment. As the former Chief of Addiction Medicine for Rikers Island, Dr. Roy oversaw substance use treatment and recovery services at the nation’s 2nd-largest jail complex. She completed medical and master’s in public health degrees from Tulane University, and her residency in internal medicine at Duke Medical Center.

During her 300+ on air appearances as an MSNBC and NBC News medical contributor and commentator, Dr. Roy spoke at the intersection of COVID-19, public health, addiction, mental health, politics, burnout and social justice. She has also appeared on CNN, The Tamron Hall Show, Charlie Rose, CBS New York and PIX11, and has been featured in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Cooking Light, Oprah.com and many other media outlets. Dr. Roy’s mission is to educate and empower the public to make healthy decisions by merging her passion for medicine with media and entertainment. Her celebrity interviews include singer-songwriter Mary J. Blige, Veep’s Tony Hale, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, trainer Bob Harper and Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy.






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Extended Guide

Go to Addiction Conference Portal

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How do I access the Portal?

How do I view the available sessions?

Inside the conference Portal go to Sessions and Schedule

Once you are logged in go to Sessions & Schedule

Here you will find all of the available sessions

Here you will see all of the available Sessions. On the Left is the Name of the Presentation and the time. On the very right is a Plus. Click the Plus to add it to Your Agenda

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The overview contains:

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All of the information in the session

How do I create My agenda?

Inside the conference Portal go to Sessions and Schedule

Once you are logged in go to Sessions & Schedule

Here you will find all of the available sessions

Here you will see all of the available Sessions. On the Left is the Name of the Presentation and the time. On the very right is a Plus. Click the Plus to add it to Your Agenda

Near the top of the page there is a My Agenda. Here you will see the Sessions you have added to your agenda and information about them.

If you click on a Session you can see more information about the session.

Here you will find your sessions

How do I watch the livestream sessions?

  • All of the sessions will be livestreamed.

  • During the time of the Session go to Sessions & Schedule.

  • The Sessions currently being streamed will show up with a livestream badge directly under the title.

  • To view the livestream, click on livestream you want to view, the livestream is viewable in the video above the name of the presentation.

Where is the conference located?

The Sorensen Center


Parking will be reserved for the Conference, all parking will be pre-paid.

Where do I park?

The Parking Garage attached to the Student Life and Wellness Center.

Parking will be reserved for the conference, all parking will be pre-paid.

See on map

How do I connect to the WiFi?

  1. Connect to Wolverine-WiFi
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Each username holds up to 400 total connections. If the first (CHSS Conference) is full please connect using the CHSS Conference1 username

How do I get my CEU's?

Attendees of the 2023 UVU Conference on Addiction have the opportunity to earn continuing education units (CEUs) to be used towards licensure and certifications. To earn CEUs and receive credit for attendance, participants must take the CEU survey associated with each session. If a participant does not complete the CEU survey related to the session, they will not receive credit for attendance.

NASW continuing education units can be earned until March 17th at 5pm when the virtual portal closes (only up to 13 units can be awarded for recorded sessions - home study category credits), up to 5 units can be earned for same day attendance - live category credits). In order to earn live credits, the CEU survey must be completed on the day of the conference.

DOPL continuing education credit can be earned (with required end of session CEU survey only) until March 17th at 5pm when the conference virtual portal closes. Also accepted are 1 suicide prevention credit, 2 ethics credits (noted in program) and up to 15 Addiction credits.

The conference will remain open until March 17th at 5p.m.  Participants who have completed the CEU survey will receive their earned CEUs via the email address used during registration (check spam/ junk mail). Distribution of ALL CEUs will occur within 2 weeks AFTER the conference has closed (March 17th).

If a participant has not received their CEU certificate via email  by March 31st , they may contact chss@uvu.edu to verify.

1 hour = 1 CEU

CEU's offered:

  • Category 1: 5 Credits (live/live Streaming)
  • Category 3: 13 Credits (online, recorded) (including 1 suicide prevention credit and 2 ethics credits)

All Sessions are NASW endorsed and count toward the DOPL required Addiction credits needed for licensure.


Note: Current UVU students who register for non-fee tickets are not eligible for CEU's.


How do I take the CEU Surveys?

They will be located inside the Conference Portal for every Presentation.

How do I access the CEU Surveys in the Conference Portal?

The session you are currently taking part in

Go to the session you are currently participating in. 

In the top right corner, next to the Chat button click on CEU Survey.

CEU Survey button next to the chat button at the top right of the screen

Proceed to take the CEU survey for all sessions you attend.

When does the conference close?

The conference portal, with streamable recordings of the presentations, will close March 17th, 2023

Will there be food available at the conference?

Yes, food options will be provided for those attending live.

Who do I contact for tech support?