Welcome to the Department of Digital Media

Digital Media prepares students for careers in digital media. It equips students with foundation theories and procedures to develop sound multi-communication structures. It integrates: graphics, text animation, video and audio digital materials to entertain, educate, and communicate ideas through meaningful human interaction. Students in Digital Media (DGM) may earn either an AAS degree or a Bachelor's Degree.

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Digital Audio

Spike Jones ProjectThe UVU Digital Audio Degree is a powerful gateway into the fascinating world of album recording and mixing, location and post-production sound for film and video, audio restoration and forensics, live sound, radio production, and audio hardware and software design. Students will use industry-leading equipment including Neve/Euphonix, AVID ProTools, Universal Audio, Waves, Tube Tech, AKG, and many others. By graduation, each student will have produced and engineered numerous music, ADR, Foley, and sound effects sessions, including professional-level mixes, and will have their choice of many other areas of audio expertise, and will be professional employment-ready.Learn More

Digital Cinema

Virtual Set The unique digital film track at UVU has been over ten years in the making. Created by filmmakers, it is a “hands on” filmmaking experience that marries theory and engaged learning by using industry standard scripting, pre-production, production and post-production techniques. By the time students graduate, they will have had an opportunity to be involved in three short films, professional boot camps, internships on professional productions and a capstone two semester Senior Project. Learn More

Animation & Game Design

Cyborg Shrimp The Rise of Doctor Calamari Students will learn industry standards in the field of Gaming & Animation. Learn More

Web Technologies

Internet Technologies UX WallStudents will learn industry standards in the field of Internet Technologies. Learn More